New eBook! The Heart of Simplicity: Foundations for Christian Homemaking

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of the new eBook, The Heart of Simplicity: Foundations for Christian Homemaking! I’m one of 13 authors in this collaborative project and I’m eager to share with you why I think that this book needs to get into as many hands and homes as possible… Have you ever wondered how other moms hold it all together? They keep up with the cleaning and laundry, making healthy meals from scratch, maintaing a strong marriage, discipling and training their children, […]

Desires of My Heart Devotional Book and Scripture Necklace Giveaway

One thing that really stands out to me about women (and maybe just people in general, but I notice it strongly in myself and my own gender) is that we crave control. We want things to go our way. In our time. According to our desires. “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 When I was younger, I used to naively think that this meant we could get the things that we wanted if we […]

So, Mornings… How Are They Going for You?

Have you met my friend, Kat? Allow me to introduce you… She makes a ball cap look great. She loves Tex-Mex food (me, too- except I live in Canada. Drat.) She actually has a chin-up bar in one of the doorways in her home, and every time she walks by, she does a chin-up. She is one of the coolest moms I know, and inspires me to want to be the same. She has a thing for teeny-bopper music, and at the same time, she held […]

A Heart For Adoption

Written by Beth Corcoran, Contributing Writer Adoption is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart.  And for some time now, I’ve been itching to share my story and my unique family with you.  Today I get the chance! I have been blessed to be part of an amazing and unique body of Believers that is passionate about adoption.  There are many, many adoptive and foster families at our church that have been a great encouragement through our journey of adoption. But I […]

Waste Not, Want Not: Lessons in Frugality for Children

Written by Meg Dickey, Contributing Writer As we seek to train our children well, one of our family’s major learning points is to teach our children the art of frugality.  Frugality is making good choices with the resources God has given you – this includes your brain, as I am apt to remind my children. :-) I have heard many times from other parents, “I just want my kids to have the best I can give them.”  OF COURSE! We all desire our children to […]

The Terrible Thirst of Depression

Written by Sharon Kaufman, Contributing Writer An Unquenchable Thirst Several weeks ago, in a conversation over lunch, a younger woman (mid-thirties) confided to me how severely depressed she has been in past months. I empathized with her, “I know what that feels like. I was depressed, until recently, for about four years.” This woman – I’ll call her Liz – responded, “YOU!? I never would have guessed it!” She and many others never knew because I had covered it up. You know, Christians are not […]

Spoonk Rider Portable Acupressure Mat: Review and Giveaway

There is a new nighttime battle between my husband and I. No, it isn’t a tug-of-war for the comforter or over who gets the fluffiest pillow. We’re both clamoring to use our Spoonk Rider mat, for a little bit of bedtime relaxation! I first ran into the Spoonk Rider portable acupressure mat at an Eco Trade Show in Vancouver early this year. They were available to try for a few minutes in the midst of the busy convention center. I was a bit wary of […]

Fresh Voices and Perspectives at Keeper of the Home

I love writing at Keeper of the Home. It has been a delight for me to be able to share daily these past (almost) 3 years, on topics like natural living, nutrition and real food, faith, gentle mothering, homemaking and more. It has been a surprising joy to establish this ministry of encouraging and building up women in their roles as homemakers, with a solid Biblical perspective and a mind towards good and faithful stewardship of our bodies, our resources, our time and God’s beautiful […]