Home Remedies Carnival: Share Your Resources for Staying Healthy Naturally

After spending an entire month focused mainly on natural home remedies, herbs, homeopathics, real food prevention and more, I still feel like we’ve only scratched the surface. Though most of it isn’t complex (in fact, often home remedies are very quick, simple and inexpensive) it does take some reading, research and trial and error to find the right remedies that suit the needs of your family. Being able to glean from other women and moms, and learn their favorite and tried-and-true remedies helps to take […]

Whole Foods for the Holidays: A Real Food Progressive Dinner!

With both Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to begin thinking about holiday menus! Serving food that is both nourishing and frugal (and still delicious!) is absolutely possible and our family and friends will thank you for it. I’ve paired up with 7 of my favorite real food bloggers and for the next 8 weeks we will be hosting Whole Foods for the Holidays– a real foods progressive dinner. A progressive dinner – real food style! Starting this coming Tuesday we’ll take turns hosting […]

Healthy Holiday Eats and Sweets Carnival

It’s time to share all of our favorite, tried-and-true recipes! You know, the ones that you can’t really imagine not having at your holiday table and that just taste like Christmas to you. Traditions are such an important part of how we celebrate holidays, and traditions involve all of the senses- including our smell and taste. Establishing food traditions, alongside our other relationally and spiritually significant traditions, helps to ingrain both the special times spent with loved ones as well as the rich meaning of […]

Winner of the Moukisac Reusable Bag System

And the winner of the fantastic Moukisac Reusable Bag system is: Julie (9julesa5@) Congrats! For all those still wanting one either for yourself or to give as a Christmas gift, you can purchase them directly from the Moukisac site. Also, don’t forget that the Healthy Holiday Eats and Sweets Carnival is approaching quickly! It is this upcoming Tuesday, Dec. 8th (though I will do my best to have the carnival post up by the Monday evening for the early birds). We’re looking for healthy, whole […]

Upcoming… Healthy Holidays Eats and Sweets Carnival

I love Christmas food! Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet or mashed potatoes (or both), hot spiced apple cider, “sugar” cookies…There is something about holiday food that is incredibly festive and celebratory, and so very familar and comforting as well. Unfortunately, holidays often tend to be a time when many of us fall off of the healthy eating bandwagon. Completely understandably, in my opinion. There are so many yummy and tempting offerings, who can say no? I prefer not to have to! This year I would […]

The Carnival I Almost Missed and Other Important News

Well, I may be able to pull off a mean baking day but I’m still forgetful at heart. :) In the midst of preparing for baking day and then spending all day yesterday actually doing it, guess who completely forgot that it was supposed to be the Organic Gardening Carnival today? Oh wait, that would be me! Because I always prefer to give everyone a heads up about an upcoming carnival the day before it actually happens (just to give you time to prepare your […]