Weekend Links


This week… What I’m reading: Wrecked by Jeff Goins and 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker What I’m doing: Sitting on my bed with the balcony door open, intermittently focusing on my computer, and then look out at the majestic view of lush green mountains, and terra-cotta tiled rooftops, with intensely white clouds on the horizon. What I’ve been making: I’m learning my way around the food here. We’ve been enjoying a lot of variations on eggs for breakfast, and I’ve found enough […]

Weekend Links

homemade foaming facial cleanser

Homemade foaming facial cleanser… the recipe I’ve been using and loving. I shared my tutorial this week on Simple Homemade. Links I loved this week:  The Christmas Conundrum @ Jen Hatmaker (this just needed to be said. Go Jen. Hat tip to Red and Honey for linking to this post.) Misleading Product Roundup: Don’t Be Fooled @ 100 Days of Real Food (Lisa does a fantastic job revealing products that you might think are ok- – and that’s what the food industry wants you to […]

Let’s Talk: Should You Allow Your Kids to Eat Junk at Birthday Parties?


Here’s the scenario: Your young son or daughter has been invited to a friend’s birthday party. You know this family to some degree and are aware that their eating standards aren’t the same as your family’s. The party will likely include white-sugar and food-dye cake, chips, pop and candy in the goodie bag, all foods which are standard no-no’s in your own home. What do you do in this situation? Remember that birthday parties like this happen only occasionally, you eat well at home 90% […]