Simplifying Babyhood: Top Items for Baby’s First Year and Beyond

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Today I’m sharing over at Simple Mom, with my own top items for baby’s first year and beyond for keeping babyhood simple: Last summer I was blessed with my third baby. It was a truly beautiful time, as I found it so much easier to relax, follow my mothering instincts and care for my baby in a simpler way than I did with the birth of my first two children. This relaxed approach wove its way not only into my interactions with my baby, but […]

Naturally Knocked Up Ecourse Giveaway!

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Are you one of the countless women who has suffered from infertility or miscarriages, and is looking for natural help with conceiving or carrying a baby to term? Or are you currently pregnant or planning for future children, and wanting to know how to best prepare your body and give your baby the very best chance of a healthy start? For women in either situation, I am so excited to announce to you that my dear blogging friend, Donielle of Naturally Knocked Up, has created […]

Take my Survey: Breastfeeding vs. Return of Menstrual Cycle

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As a mom who delays solids, nurses for an extended period of time and offers nighttime nursing for most of the first year, my cycle takes its sweet time returning. However, I know that this isn’t the case for every mom. I hear anecdotally from a lot of moms that even frequent nursing or nighttime nursing does not prevent their cycle from coming back, and plenty of moms conceive again when their baby is under a year old (and sometimes even less than 6 months […]

Giveaway: FuzziBunz Diapers from Just Bumming Around


This giveaway has now ended! Since this was a wildly popular giveaway last time around, we’ve decided to offer it again! Just Bumming Around is a wonderful mom-owned and run cloth diaper online boutique, serving both Canada and the US. They carry only their very favorite products (which happen to include some of my favorites!) and strive for excellence in providing you with amazing diapers at affordable prices. Not so long ago, I reviewed a number of products from Just Bumming Around, including their FuzziBunz […]

The GAPS Diet: Why Our Family is Doing It


Yesterday I shared about what the GAPS diet is. If you missed it, I would suggest going back and reading that post first. If you try to eat so well, why does your family need to do the GAPS diet? No one has asked me this yet, but I can well imagine that this is the question in many of your minds,and it is an extremely legitimate question! As I’ve shard before, my journey into nutrition and natural living did not come about just because […]

Learning the Gentle Art of Infant Toilet Training

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Image Credit Guest Post by Louisa I toilet-trained my first child when she was four-months-old. I thought I would start this guest post with a statement that knocks most people’s socks off when they hear it. “Four months old, you are kidding, aren’t you?” No, I kid you not. I had worked extensively in China and seen what mothers did there; always aware of their children’s needs, able to listen to the signs that told them when their child wanted to pee and available to […]

I’m Going to Blissdom, Y’all!


In two short days, I board a plane to go and do something I would have never imagined that I would do a year or two ago… I’m going to a blog conference! I’m headed to Nasvhille, TN where I will be attending Blissdom ’10 and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am! Myself and 500 other female bloggers will be gathering to meet, share, talk, learn, network, discuss, strategize, glean, laugh, eat… I have a feeling there won’t be a […]

Diary of Nursing a Low Milk Supply


Struggling with a low milk supply can be tough. It’s disheartening to know that you’re not making enough milk to satisfy your baby and it takes real work to bring that milk supply back up to where it needs to be. The encouraging thing is that it can be done! Since this is exactly where I’ve been at the past two weeks, I decided to journal my efforts and the results of those efforts. After 8 days of supplementing 2 month old Johanna while being […]