12 Things My Children Learned While Worldschooling This Year

I’m probably my toughest critic. As we planned for and embarked on this one-year journey around the globe with our young family (kids ages 8, 5 ½, 3 ½ and 11 months at the time of departure), I had high hopes and even higher expectations for what their homeschooling would look like. After all, we were a hard working, determined, classical-education loving family. Certainly we could do this! Then reality set in. Traveling with four young children is awesome, exhilarating and absolutely worthwhile. Also, it […]

Weekend Links

Colorful buildings lining the Old Town Square in downtown Prague, Czech Republic. Links I loved this week: Intention in the Morning @ Clover Lane. I often forget this, too. Such a necessary reminder for all of us mamas. Teaching girls to respect their bodies (and each other) @ a Delightful Home Patience on the Journey of Motherhood Holds Great Rewards! @ (in)courage. For every mom that is struggling right now with the season that you’re in, read this and press on towards the rewards of […]

We’re Going Around the World. Literally.

Written by Stephanie Langford, Creator of Keeper of the Home I’ve been thinking about writing this post for so long, and yet now that I’m writing it, it feels surreal and I don’t even know what to say. For the last several weeks, I’ve been hinting that our family is packing up and that an announcement is coming, so here it is: This Tuesday morning, our family is getting on an airplane and starting the trip of a lifetime. We’ll be traveling around the world. […]