Making Healthy Smoothies With Your Fresh Summer Greens (at Simple Organic)


It’s a rare day that goes by in our home when we don’t make a fruit smoothie. Call us addicted. It’s a wonderful addiction to have! Since I have 3 little ones and a husband that rely on me to help them get in maximum nutrition with each and every bite they take, I frequently use our family’s beloved smoothies as a way of getting that nutrition in without fight and without fuss. One of our favorite ways to do this is by adding fresh […]

Go Bananas Preserving!

Banana Bread

Written by Sherrie Cook, Contributing Writer Imagine with me for a moment:  a crisp night, crackling fire, blankets, loved ones all around enjoying hot beverages and warm, fresh out of the oven, banana bread. Are you drooling yet? I was too until I looked at the thermometer and remembered it was over 100°F outside!  I know it’s Summer right now and many places are sweltering and hot fires are the last thing you would want in your den, but…isn’t that one reason why we preserve […]

Strawberry Coconut Cream Popsicles (Dairy-Free Indulgence for Summer Days)


I made this recipe accidentally the other day, when I realized I had blended too many strawberries and didn’t want them to go to waste. It was a hot, hot day so popsicles sounded like the perfect fix, and they were! Most ice-cream style popsicle recipes are incredibly simple. Blended fruit, mixed with a creamy base (like yogurt, kefir, or in our case, coconut milk), some sweetener and you’re done. Blend up: 500 ml of strawberries- this measurement is after they are blended up. I […]

Healthy Snacks to Go Ebook: Review and a Giveaway

homemade granola bar

This giveaway has now ended. One area that is really tough for a lot of mamas is figuring out what kind of simple, fast and nourishing snacks they can feed their kids. Committed to whole foods myself, there are the odd days when I long to be able to just grab a few packaged fruit roll ups or plastic containers of apple sauce or crackers as we fly out the door. We all crave convenience sometimes. One of the fastest ways to start making unhealthy […]

Real Food Encouragement: Whole Wheat Bread

Flour in a scale

By Sherrie Cook, Contributing Writer Confession:  I am not so skilled in the kitchen. Conflict:  I need to write a blog post about a real food kitchen for Keeper of the Home. Solution:  Write about hope.  Hope for those of us who feel clueless and overwhelmed at the thought of making better choices for our families.  Hope that no matter how unskilled in the kitchen we are, we can still make a difference simply by trying. Hope that one day, with a little practice and […]

Cabbage Roll Casserole: A Tasty Way to Get Your Family to Eat More Cabbage


Always trying to find new ways to get more nturient-dense foods into my family, I stumbled upon this idea a while back and it has proven to be a winner! The original recipe came from a fundraiser cookbook put together by my Nana’s Sons of Norway group. I’ve taken that recipe and given it a few “real food” tweaks and we just love it. Cabbage Roll Casserole Serves 4-6. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 1 lb ground beef (and if you like, a bit of […]

Squeaky Clean Fun: A Soap Making Photo Tutorial

This is what trace looks like

By Beth Corcoran, Contributing Writer To start, I just want to say I am so excited that Stephanie is allowing me the opportunity to share with you one of my favorite hobbies–soap making.  I have been making bar soap for my family for almost a year now, and I have tried different methods and a variety of recipes, and today I’m going to share what I think is one of the easiest methods of soap making—hot process using a crock pot. I really wanted to share […]

Real Food Makeover- The Anderson Family, Pt 2

homemade pizza

This is a continuation of last week’s makeover for the Anderson family. This week I want to share a sample menu plan. It won’t look quite as specific as the menu plan for the W family, because mom Andi is already a regular menu planner and has certain meals/themes that she uses each week, so instead I’m going to make a lot of overall suggestions. In the first post, I discussed how her biggest priority is to make things that will help her husband with […]