Preserving Summer’s Bounty: Canning Pears

When Life Hands You Soggy Pickles… Make Relish!

Play it Again: My Top 3

Play it Again: The Great Debate- Washing our Fruits and Vegetables

Originally Published March 2008 The debate isn't over whether we should actually wash our fruits and vegetables or not. Most people and "experts" agree, all produce should be washed before being eaten. What is hotly debated, however, is why and with what. Some say we don't need to worry about pesticide residues, but only food-borne bacteria, and therefore rinsing in water is good enough. Others says that pesticide residue is a very real concern and we need to use specially formulated, organic (usually expensive) produce […]

Play it Again: Canning Pumpkins

Originally Published November 2008 (Update: I didn’t grow any of my own pumpkins this year, but I still intend to purchase some nice organic ones from my favorite produce market in the beginning of October and go through this same process with them. I was really happy with the pumpkin puree that I made last year and can’t wait to have more of it this year! It should also be noted that although I originally called this post “canning” pumpkins, I didn’t actually can them […]

Preserving Summer’s Bounty: Freezing Spinach and Dehydrating Tomatoes

What Bone Broth Should Really Look Like

The topic of homemade bone broth has come up many times on this blog. You just might know by now that I think it is fantastically nourishing for the body, as well as the perfect way to help stretch out the budget and make good use of all that we’ve been given. One common question that comes up when the topic of bone broth arises is: “Is it supposed to get thick and gelatinous? If so, how do I get it that way? Mine never seems to thicken up.” […]

You Tell Me: The Little Things

**I confess, I couldn’t resist using this picture. This, my friends, is a Canadian $2 coin, otherwise known as the Toonie (get it? Two-nie. Punny, huh?). I don’t usually, but yes, I did giggle when I saw this picture and thought of how the little things do indeed add up!** Last call for your input, I promise! :) I’ve just found your comments and emails so very helpful in this book writing process, that I just can’t resist asking you for one more, very practical […]