Two questions for you, ladies!

Pumpkin canning

Phew… I think I might be done canning for the year! (Unless, of course, I decide to take advantage of borrowing a pressure canner to do up some dry beans for convenience sake, and I think I might have heard my husband mention pears this morning… oh well :) I started out with those pumpkins on the left: One of the smaller pumpkins went bad before I got to it, so I was left with six, good sized pie pumpkins. In the morning, I cut […]

Menu Plan Monday- November 3

Good in the Kitchen

I haven't been all that happy with the food I've been preparing lately. Not because it isn't healthy, or frugal, or because it takes too much work, or anything like that. Not even because it doesn't taste good to me (because it does). I made a realization, though. Over the last year or so, I have slowly shifted away from making many of the simple, basic, North American style meals that my husband loves. In favor of that, I have moved towards more ethnic meals, […]

Beautiful Bread Recipes

Nutritional Foundations- Making the best of the regular grocery store, Part 6

Blogiversary Q&A: Round 4

Blogiversary Q&A- Round 3