What Eating Seasonally Looks Like For Us

Good Nutrition in a Nutshell

Sourdough Bread Baking: Troubleshooting

** My sourdough bread rising on the counter, nearly ready to be baked. I just tried your sourdough bread that you posted a while back…I looked over it and it seems I followed all the steps, I used whole spelt flour (freshly milled). I am not sure what happened but it never really appeared to “rise”, I kept following the directions hoping for some change but at the time it should have gone into the oven it was just two flat blobs on a cookie […]

Blender Mocha Recipe

Seeing as it’s wonderfully warm and sunny outside, this seemed like the perfect weekend post! :) Lately I’ve been experimenting with making our own blender “mochas”, in an effort to have something really yummy to drink, that isn’t particularly unhealthy and that doesn’t break the bank every time we stop in at Starbucks. It has actually become my ritual afternoon “my-kids-are-napping-and-I’m-going-to-enjoy-myself-while-I’m-blogging” treat! The recipe started out as simply some raw milk, a bit of cocoa, some honey or raw sugar, and a bit of vanilla, […]

Another Season, Another Diet, Another Meal Plan

How to Make Your Own Lox

For those who aren’t even sure what I’m talking about, lox (also know as gravlox) is basically a marinated raw salmon, sliced thinly. It is absolutely delicious, highly nutritious and the perfect Saturday morning breakfast, on a bagel slathered with cream cheese and lox on top! I’ve always been a fan of raw fish and adore sushi (I’m sure that living in Japan for a year only served to feed my habit). So you can imagine my sadness at reading that even Nourishing Traditions, with […]

Current Reads For the Month of May

Eczema: Solving the Underlying Causes, Part 2

Over the past month or so, I’ve been sharing on the topic of eczema, and how to naturally and holistically approach it in order to bring both relief and healing. If you missed any of the past posts, here they are: Eczema: What is it and what causes it? Bringing Relief to the Discomfort Solving the Underlying Causes, Part 1 4) Try Food Eliminations Eczema as a reaction to a food allergy or sensitivity is very, very common. Some of the most common food suspects are: Wheat, eggs, […]