What to do with all that zucchini…

 Wondering what to do with the gigantic zucchini that are taking over your backyard? Or perhaps you have friends who garden and keep trying to slip a zucchini into your purse each time you visit? For your sake and mine, here is some inspiration for using a plentiful zucchini harvest, as my Kitchen Tip for the day: Zucchini Bread (this great recipe originally comes from Sue Gregg's Whole Grain Baking, one of my favorite cookbooks that uses the soaking/sprouted techniques!) Farfalle (pasta) with Zucchini (a […]

I love gardening!

Nutritional Foundations- Making the best of the regular grocery store, Part 2

Some Finer Points of Hydration

There is no better time than the middle of the summer to discuss the importance of good hydration! I have been eagerly awaiting this post, as I knew that it would be an excellent reminder to myself of how and why to keep my hydration levels optimal. Guest poster Alison of Pennythoughts (soon to be WholesomeGoodness), always shares so eloquently and knowledgeably about health and nutrition issues, and this post is no exception! Guest Post by Alison Every health-conscious person knows that proper hydration is […]

Nutritional Foundations- Making the best of the regular grocery store

Goodness gracious, are these ever yummy!

The Secrets of Where Real Foodies Buy Their Ingredients

Tackling the issue of where to buy ingredients to stock a nourishing kitchen, and even which items to buy, is a challenging one. It will look so different depending on the types of foods your family prefers, the stores available to you in your community, your season of life, and your budget. Just as I did last week in revealing the contents of my pantry, I share what I purchase to give some ideas as to what it might look like to purchase a whole […]

Old habits die hard