Healthy Ways To Handle Seasons of Stress {}

Healthy Ways To Handle Seasons of Stress

  By Jessica Smartt, Contributing Writer Are you in a busy or even difficult season of life? Are you looking for healthy ways to survive (and even thrive) during these days? Look no further for help! Maybe, in full disclosure, I should first list all the unhealthy ways of dealing with stress. Because trust me, people, I’ve thoroughly experimented with these, too. These may include (but are not limited to) taking it out on your husband and kids, eating potato chips and snickerdoodles way into the night, and […]

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Our family's new addition {and why this was my best first trimester yet}

Our family’s new addition {and why this was my best first trimester yet}

You’d think by number five I’d have learned how to announce this more creatively, but perhaps it’s that with each child, a smaller percentage of my brain seems to be left with full function. (I’m only half kidding on that.) So I’ll just come right out with it and tell you we’re excited to announce there’s a new little Langford on the way, set to arrive sometime in June 2015! As I said on my personal Facebook page: Kepler would like a baby brother. Johanna wants […]

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Real Deals: This Week’s Sales and Discounts on Natural Products

This week’s top deals: List Price $24.99 On Sale $18.11 Hape Alphabet Abacus.  Get FREE Shipping with qualifying order. List Price $129.00 On Sale $69.99 SINGER 2259 Tradition Easy-to-Use Free-Arm 19-Stitch Sewing Machine  Get FREE Shipping with qualifying order. Regular $8.55 On Sale $6.42 Rapunzel Pure Organic Cocoa Powder, 7.1 Ounce. Get FREE Shipping with qualifying order. Discount doesn’t show up until checkout. (Note: It’s not certified fair trade, as I usually prefer with any cocoa or chocolate products, but it is certified organic and […]

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Forget About Giving Toys … Choose Experience Gifts {}

Forget About Giving Toys … Choose Experience Gifts

By Hilary Bernstein, Contributing Writer Toys lay scattered across the floors of my children’s bedrooms. Despite my daily reminders to pick up, chore chart attempts and a rotating toy system that did – for a time – work wonders, my children have no desire to routinely clean their rooms. I can’t say that I blame them. I didn’t want to when I was 4 or 6, either. As much as I think I’d like to help the process along by getting rid of most of their toys, […]

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Weekend Links

Links for this week: While We Wait (The Meaning Of Advent) @ Shaun Groves “Do for one what you wish you could do for all.” @ Money Saving Mom Apple Cider Donuts (GF, DF) @ The Nourishing Home Choosing Connection Over Competition @ chatting at the sky 5 tips for enjoying the holidays as a highly sensitive parent @ Steady Mom Butternut Squash, Creamy Chicken Pasta @ My Humble Kitchen Six Weeks of One-Word Prayers @ SheLoves Magazine Holiday gifts to give yourself now that you’ll […]

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8 Tips for Spending Less and Giving More {}

8 Tips for Spending Less and Giving More

By Nina Nelson, Contributing Writer A few years ago, our pastor showed a video at church that completely changed my approach to Christmas giving. The video was by a wonderful group known as Advent Conspiracy. They create thought-provoking videos to inspire change and a shift in mindset when it comes to Christmas. They have four main tenets: Worship Fully Spend Less Give More Love All Before learning about Advent Conspiracy, I had taken a “more is better” approach to giving. I would make long lists of […]

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exploding volcanoes

A Creative, Fun and Educational Gift (That Won’t Fill Your House With More Stuff Your Kids Don’t Need)

I’m not into giving my kids a lot of stuff. Maybe you’re not either. As the holidays draw near, I tend to get a little anxious about how much new stuff will make its way into our home. Even more than that, I care about the type of stuff it is. Blinking, battery-operated, Disney-character emblazoned stuff that screams “I’ll entertain you!! (for a week, until you realize what a boring, stupid toy I am)” is not exactly high on my list of desirables. But stuff […]

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The Ultimate Natural Remedies Round-Up  {}

The Ultimate Natural Remedies Round-Up

By Erin Odom, Contributing Writer I’ve never been thrilled about using conventional medications, and over the past 7 years my family has transitioned to using mostly natural remedies for any ailment that comes our way. I want to be clear in that I think there is a time and place for antibiotics and other conventional medications. But our family’s rule of thumb is to always try the natural route first. Most of the time, whatever ailment we are suffering clears with the natural remedy! Click To TweetPowered By […]

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