One of our family's favorite way to eat cauliflower is pickled. Pickling is such a great way to preserve your garden's bounty. The best part of this recipe is that it doesn't require canning skills.

Cauliflower Pickles: Refrigerator Pickles Recipe

By Andrea Green, Contributing Writer Will you be planting cauliflower in your garden this year? One of our family’s favorite way to eat cauliflower is pickled. Pickling is such a great way to preserve your garden’s bounty. Cauliflower pickles taste great alongside a burger. They also are an excellent picnic food. Ditch bringing chips. These cauliflower pickles give you plenty of salty crunch with less fat, less calories, and less processed yuckiness. The best part of this recipe is it doesn’t require any canning skills. You’ll simply pour […]

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Weekend Links {Plus Blogelina Giveaway Winners and a Discount!}

Blogelina Giveaway Winners and a DISCOUNT! Here are the winners of our recent Blogelina “Profitable Blogging for Beginners” class giveaway: Dan Myers (myers888@), Irina (irush@), Jo-Anne Orlesky (couponnewbie84@), Carola (carola.franson@), Teresa Eliason (Eliasont@), Lindsey (andrina_bee@), denis (mrdenisotugo@), Eric Palmer (skisoccerlive@), Rebecca Colpo (bec253@), and Janet Black (ecochristian@). Congratulations! If you didn’t win the contest, don’t worry! You can still take part in this amazing class at a great price! Blogelina has generously offered a discount for Keeper of the Home readers. Right now, you can take the “Profitable Blogging for Beginners” class for just $.99! […]

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Where to find natural living products to support your lifestyle

Do you ever struggle with finding products you’re comfortable with using? Do you feel like you waste a lot of time searching online or locally to find things like skincare or beauty products, ingredients for remedies or homemade gifts, or certain traditional or super foods that are hard to locate? I’ve definitely run into that problem over the years, and I’m always grateful for any way to simplify my shopping process. Since we know that it can be difficult to find places to buy the […]

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Real Deals: This Week’s Sales and Discounts on Natural Products You Really Use

This week’s top deals: Regular $36.00 On Sale $20.00  Burt’s Bees Spring Sampler Celebrate the return of sunshine with ingredients like Mango and sweet Honeysuckle in this seasonal grab bag of 7 products and a festive pouch. • Super Shiny Mango Shampoo • Mango & Orange Energizing Body Bar • Mango Lip Balm • Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion (2.5oz) • Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract (10 ct) • Tinted Lip Balm in Honeysuckle • Radiance Day Lotion Travel Size • Festive […]

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Most of these 30 meals can be whipped up in 30 minutes or less. Most require little prep time. And all of these quick and easy weeknight meals are going to nourish your family a bajillion times more than the drive-through, and be cheaper, too.

30+ Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals

By Beth Ricci, Contributing Writer I was going to start out by seeing if anyone could relate to that weeknight rush where you neglected to plan dinner properly and have to scramble at the last minute, but seriously – do I even need to ask? I know I’m not the only one. It happens far more frequently than I care to admit (though not quite as frequently now that I figured out how to make menu planning work with my type-B personality! Yeah!) I have slowly built […]

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Weekend Links

Links for this week: Should Sustainability Be Part of The Food Pyramid? @ Sustainable Dish The Most Underrated Sound in Our Society @ Becoming Minimalist Garden Veggie Chicken Skillet Recipe {Quick, Easy, Healthy, and Delicious} @ Heavenly Homemakers Believing in Purity When You Don’t Feel Pure @ (in)courage When it All Seems Overwhelming @ Intentional By Grace Good Night Lotion @ Modern Alternative Mama Why we don’t talk about miscarriage {and why I AM} @ Life Your Way What To Do When Women Seem Scary @ […]

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A well-stocked freezer helps families eat nourishing meals more frequently. Try one - or more! - of these 40 freezer meal recipes for your family!

40+ Freezer Meal Recipes

By Stacy Karen, Contributing Writer The afternoon and early evening can be a stressful time in many homes. Keeping kids happy and getting dinner on that tables, all while being fatigued from the day, can be difficult. To tell you the truth, I don’t make dinner at dinner time if I can help it! Instead, I do the most work intensive parts of dinner prep at other times. Freezer meals help cut down on some of the burden and are a great time saver for busy moms. A well-stocked […]

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How to Naturally Boost Your Iron Levels

Though I’ve been somewhat low in iron in previous pregnancies, this was the first time I truly felt the physical effects of the deficiency. And in fact, this isn’t only a pregnancy-related issue, but being low in iron be a common struggle for women as we routinely lose blood (and therefore iron) with our monthly cycle. Many women are low or deficient in iron without actually realizing that’s the problem. Ensuring that we maintain strong iron stores is crucial for our overall health and well […]

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