Book Giveaway Winners

Here are the winners from the first giveaway: Paperback edition of Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time Jennifer Baker (jenniferkimbaker@) Cream of the Crop ebooks Misty (mistynewsome@) Fruitful Harvest (littlepeasinmypodforgod@) Emily Murphy (emily_murphy@) Bashtree (makeway4ducklings@) Nicole (FoundProdigalDaughter) To the winners: If you don’t hear from me in the next several days, please send off an email to me at stephanie (at) keeperofthehome (dot) org. Otherwise, I will be in touch with your prizes! Congrats! On Sale until Sunday! Now that the giveaway is over, […]

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Introducing the Forum!

Oh, this is such an exciting week for me! All of these things that I have been dreaming up and planning for so long are finally taking place! For quite some time, I’ve wanted to launch a forum here at Keeper of the Home. A place where all of those wonderful questions that get asked in the comments could be answered in a more purposeful way. A place where women could connect with other like-minded women. A place where knowledge and tips can be shared, […]

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Giveaway: Stainless Steel Food Storage!

**It’s my 2nd Blogiversary and I’m celebrating all week! This is the second of 4 giveaways so make sure that you come back each day to see what else is happening around here!** Ever wished that you could ditch the plastic food storage containers and use something that you didn’t worry was going to shatter? That’s what I love about these stainless steel food containers! Safe and toxin-free, not to mention affordable, they just make so much sense. I know that so many of you, […]

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bowl of cherries

2 Year Blogiversary Celebration: What’s New and a Giveaway!

Image by robyn michelle-lee photography Can you believe it’s been 2 years already?!? I can hardly believe that two years have gone by since I first started Keeper of the Home, but this week marks the second anniversary of my first post. To celebrate, my hubby and I have been working on a number of surprises, changes to the site, giveaways throughout the week, etc. as our way of saying a huge “THANK YOU!” to all of you! Allow me a moment of sappiness… :) […]

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I Tweet! (Oh yes, I do!)

Did you think you’d ever see the day when I joined Twitter? :) I haven’t been shy in my dislike for social media or the fact that I think it can tend to be a time-stealer and get in the way of being focused and efficient in my roles as a mom, wife and homemaker (and note that I said in my roles, because I know my own tendency to get off track if I’m not careful- I know that many people are able to […]

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diulaxa tea

Cleansing and Detoxing: A Few Simple Ways to Do It

One of the things about living in a polluted world, full of toxic chemicals in the water, air, food supply, etc. is that they don’t just stay on the outside but many of them end up on the inside, too. Our bodies can become burdened by these toxins over time, and this can affect a whole host of bodily functions, sometimes seen through illness and symptoms and sometimes just silently wearing our bodies down and causing gradual and subtle effects. Either way, they are a […]

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milk closeup

Raw Milk Substitute for Cultured Dairy Products

Image by tellgraf Raw milk is a luxury around this household. As I’ve mentioned before, we pay about $18 a gallon for our grass-fed, raw milk from a nearby farm. It is truly my liquid gold and I consider it more of a supplement for our family’s health than just another food or ingredient in my fridge. I know that I’m not the only one. For some of you, the cost simply makes buying raw milk an impossibility. For others, raw milk is illegal where […]

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Some Housekeeping (in the Midst of the Chaos!)

First off, a big ol’ apology to everyone for the train wreck that is my blog right now! This week we are in the midst of a switchover from my previous blog platform (Typepad) to a self-hosted site through WordPress. Though you can’t see a whole lot of outward changes, there is a LOT happening in the back-end of my site. The reason for doing this is that it will ultimately give me much more control over how I want my site to look and […]

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