Learning with Preschoolers

Guest Post by Faith ~”I want to work with my toddler and preschooler at home, but I don’t know anything about teaching and I am not creative! What should I do?” ~“How do you keep them [preschoolers] interested but not go crazy with preparation?” I’d like to answer these questions by looking at three areas of truth about children.  They will be starting points in thinking about what activities would be successful learning experiences for your child.  However, I am not an ultimate authority.  I […]

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Happy (American) Thanksgiving!

I was just commenting to my husband last night that my traffic seems oddly low and slow. He wisely said, "Hmm, maybe because it's American Thanksgiving tomorrow." Oh yeah. You think? :) I hope y'all are thoroughly enjoying wonderful times with your loved ones, and please, a second helping of turkey and pumpkin pie, just for me. (Don't think I'm deprived- after all, I did just celebrate American Thanksgiving last Saturday night with all the trimmings, not to mention Canadian Thanksgiving back in October, but […]

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