Carrying Burdens That Don’t Belong to Us

Image by grame_newcomb Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is it possible that those burdens you’re carrying were never yours to carry in the first place? When we get off course, God is so faithful to intervene and use any number of ways to gently guide us back to where we ought to be. In my case, He most recently used my husband to bring some correction and encouragement that I so desperately needed. Since the birth of my 3rd baby, about 3 months ago, I have […]

Play it Again: Good in the Kitchen

Beautifying Heart and Home

I immediately knew that I liked Sharon when I read the sub-title of her blog, The Good Woman, “…she’s not flawless, she’s forgiven“. She is a wonderful example of a woman desiring to teach the younger women in the model of Titus 2. I know that you will be blessed by what she has to share! ******* Guest Post by Sharon Kaufman Could your house, with its tasteful and attractively arranged furnishings, make it into the pages of House Beautiful? Most of us would say, […]

Taking a Personal Retreat

How I “Do It All”

  I guess I only see what is on your blog but sometimes I get a bit discouraged thinking how can you do all that when I am attempting to do things and not fulfilling what I think I should be doing, most of the time? I do a lot, when I think about it, but I never feel its enough (maybe that is the problem), I have a routine, I try to balance out what I do each day, making sure I try to […]

Rejoicing in My Role

The Aroma of Warm Bread Rising and Other Things We’d Miss Out On

A Grander Vision