Something they can really sink their teeth into

Free BPA-free Sippy Cup- call quickly!

Simply Super Baby Stew

Eating like a big boy

Homemade teething cookies for baby

As promised in my snack post, here is my favorite recipe for teething cookies (I wish I had a picture to show you, but I haven’t made them recently, as my son is still a little too young for them). Teething Cookies for Baby (from Better Food for Better Babies, a small, older book with some great wisdom and whole foods recipes)2 Tbsp honey (not suitable for babies under one year of age)1 Tbsp molasses2 Tbsp oil (I would use coconut oil or butter)1 egg […]

While we’re on the topic of cloth diapers…

Backwards WMFW- Getting my cloth diaper covers to stop leaking!!!

Accomplishing tasks with little ones underfoot

Since posting my schedule, I’ve been asked several times about how I am able to clean and accomplish so much with very young children (mine are 3 and 9 mths). First of all, I just want to let it be known that I do not accomplish my schedule perfectly every day! Not even close! It is a guideline, a helpful reminder of what I should be doing to keep me on task. It is a way of splitting up the things that need to be […]