Baby Purity Mother’s Conference Overview

I had such a fantastic day, attending the first ever Baby Purity Mother’s Conference in Vancouver! I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the conference, but it definitely surpassed my expectations! The morning began with a 40 minute Skytrain ride in to downtown, where I peacefully watched the glorious fall leaves, with a hot drink in one hand, and John Piper’s “Don’t Waste Your Life ”  (an excellent read, btw) in the other hand. An enjoyable 15 minute walk through downtown Vancouver, in the […]

Introducing: Naturally Knocked Up

Attention Vancouverites- Baby Purity Conference!

Who me? A parasite?

No Guess Communication

Sweet, little nurslings

Something they can really sink their teeth into

Free BPA-free Sippy Cup- call quickly!

Just wanted to pass on a (potentially) great freebie that a friend just let me know about. Since all of the BPA info has come out into the open, Avent has been offering refunds on their products containing BPA. Now, it turns out they are offering a free trial of their new BPA-free line of bottles and sippy cups. The only requirement is that you have to live in Canada (sorry Americans, but maybe there is a similar promo going on down there- does anybody […]