As a community site, we share fantastic content written by a diverse team of women. Learn more about the vibrant team of writers who contribute to KOTH here.

There’s also a team that’s hard at work behind the scenes to keep the site running.

Ann Timm, The Keeper

Ann runs the show. She makes the coffee. And the kombucha. Read the full story.

Sarah Reinhard, Ann’s Assistant, Blog Editor, and Everything-Else Hack

Sarah helps Ann. She also drinks massive amounts of coffee, in addition to taking care of sprucing up the posts before they’re published and making the graphics. Rumor has it that she likes fuzzy ponies and won’t give up Chips Ahoy.

Lori Haley, Social Media Addict and Executive Awesome Assistant

Lori posts things to social media, manages a pile of details, and researches like a crazed scientist. She also loves circus tents, in case you wondered.

Jennifer Cannon, Affiliate Manager

Jennifer specializes in making sure we’re telling the world about the great work we do. She has been a marketing expert for longer than some smart alecky people have been alive. When she’s not drinking lemon water, she can be found organizing, decorating, or hanging out with her kids.

Mark Timm, Chief Consultant and Business-Minded Man

Mark isn’t just married to Ann, he’s also the business mind behind things. He would prefer not to be listed here, but he’s a real and present part of the team, and he doesn’t get off so easily.

Bill Blankschaen, Answerer of Lots of Questions and Interrupter of Naps

No one can quite explain what Bill does, and that’s because none of us quite understand it. His kids don’t believe it, but he really does know everything. Or a little bit of everything. Or something, at least.