Meet the KOTH Team

Hi, I’m Stephanie, and I’m the creator of this blog. You can learn more about me here.

As a community site, we share fantastic content written by a diverse team of women. Learn more about the vibrant team of writers who contribute to KOTH here.

Behind the scenes, there are plenty of other people who keep this site running smoothly. Goodness knows I can’t do it all myself, so this is the team that keeps me in line. :)

Hilary BernsteinHilary Bernstein, Editor

Hilary is an editor extraordinaire. She makes sure that each post that goes up is easy to read, has great grammar, perfect punctuation, and pretty pictures. Her incredible attention to detail and passion for natural homemaking make her a perfect fit for the job and a truly valuable member of this team.

Hilary is a Christ follower, wife, homeschooling mama of two children, and writer who believes homemaking should be simple … not stressful. She writes about creating a happy, healthy home at No Place Like Home.

Jennifer CannonJennifer Cannon, Marketing Manager

Jennifer is a Mom of two from Illinois. She enjoys cooking, art, sunshine and 8 glasses of lemon water a day.
She has been a marketing expert for over 20 years and enjoys “the art of the start” as well as helping businesses grow through promotion.

After being hit with a double diagnosis of illness including Mold Exposure and Chronic Lyme Disease Jennifer set out to cure herself through living a toxin-free, simple, clean and healthy lifestyle: The kind that takes us back to the way life used to be.

When she isn’t marketing something or managing her illnesses, Jennifer enjoys organizing, decorating, spending time with her kids and just taking in the fresh air of great moments in life.

megMeg Bateman, Community Manager

Meg is the KOTH social-media lady, curating content for our followers on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. It’s a tough job curating all kinds of awesome content when you just want to drop everything and make that recipe or DIY multi-purpose cleaner!

Meg lives in the Central Valley of California with her husband and crazy pets. She originally was a Deaf Education major, but because of health problems she ended up continuing her college jobs as a real estate assistant and graphic & web designer. Because of the graphic design business, she absorbed every bit of information on social media marketing and developed a love for it – enough to do it for others. She’s now diagnosed as celiac, and thanks to discovering the real food movement – health is no longer an obstacle!

mekoth2Rebecca Anne, Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is not a good enough title… let’s try “right-hand woman”, “do-er of many extremely important things”, “the one who maintains Stephanie’s sanity” and “administrative team member extraordinaire”. Rebecca helps me to manage emails and you may receive a friendly response from her at times, and she also takes care of all manner of behind the scenes work to keep me organized and the blog running smoothly. What would I do without her?

Rebecca grew up in the midwestern United States and at present lives in Colorado with her husband and two kids. She has a degree in art history, but is now quite happy to fill the role of stay-at-home-mom with a hobby on the side of photography. Her current obsessions include simplifying her life in whatever way she can and buying some land so she can raise some chickens. Her husband likes the simplifying but isn’t so sure about the chickens. She writes at a humble place.

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