Trying to avoid pesticides on your produce?

Clothing Kids Without Breaking the Bank

*An example of my loot from a successful morning of garage sale shopping for my son last summer* Find the next two posts in this series here: Part 2 Part 3 Inspired by my own recent efforts in stocking up on affordable children’s clothes for my two little ones, I thought I would share my own methods for making sure that we have all the clothes, shoes, jackets, etc. that they need, for as little cost as possible. The larger our family grows, the more important it is for […]

Financial Resources for your New Year’s Goals

Living Simply Saturday: No is not a dirty word

A very full freezer, indeed

Natural Living- A Beginner’s Approach

Passionate about all the wrong things?

Good Choices

I think this guest post from Manda will resonate with all of us who struggle as we attempt to make the best possible choices for our families, while knowing that we cannot do everything and some compromises must be made. Making choices between frugality and toxins, convenience and nutrition, and everything else in between, is challenging and I appreciate her perspective on the topic! Guest Post by Manda Parenting and homemaking are full of decisions. There are the big choices that everyone debates: breast or […]