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Toxins, schmoxins

Ever wondered why people are making such a big fuss about toxins in this and that? Why do itty bitty amounts of harsh cleansers and fragrances in shampoos, or minute pesticide residues in food, or trace amounts of chemicals that seep into our water, really matter? In fact, forget the why. Perhaps the better question is do they even matter? This is a video that I’ve been aching to show you all ever since the Baby Purity Conference back in October. Grab a hot cup […]

Nutritional Foundations: Finding high quality sources for a whole foods diet

You know it might be time to turn on the heat when…

Couponing- Was it really worth it?

An Experiment in Couponing

We're all after ways to lower our grocery budget, right? Well, I decided to go back and make another attempt at something that I've previously deemed as not worth it. I've been asked before whether or not I coupon, and the answer has always been no. My primary reasons for not doing so are: 1) I live in Canada, where coupons are really not used to nearly the extent that they are in the US. It's time consuming, difficult and in the end, not especially […]

Excellent (and affordable) home education resources for Kindergarten

Baby Purity Mother’s Conference Overview

I had such a fantastic day, attending the first ever Baby Purity Mother’s Conference in Vancouver! I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the conference, but it definitely surpassed my expectations! The morning began with a 40 minute Skytrain ride in to downtown, where I peacefully watched the glorious fall leaves, with a hot drink in one hand, and John Piper’s “Don’t Waste Your Life ”  (an excellent read, btw) in the other hand. An enjoyable 15 minute walk through downtown Vancouver, in the […]