Extreme Frugality: Attitude

If you haven’t been reading her recent series on Extreme Frugality, I’d recommend you make a beeline over to Days to Come. Jeana has been taking a good, hard look at our concepts of frugality, our priorities, how far we’re willing to take it, and what it looks like in every day life. When she shared this guest post with me, it hit me right where I was at. Guest Post by Jeana I recently saw a news article about how people are more likely […]

My makeup arrived!

“Greening” your kitchen (the frugal way!)

I’ve been anticipating this post from fellow blogger Michele, of Frugal Granola, on ways to eliminate disposables with simple and homemade options. I appreciate her perspective on simple living (check out her series), and I think that her resourcefulness is a wonderful example. Read on for some of her great ideas (I love the sandwich wrap!)… During our first years of marriage, we always assumed that we were “environmentally-responsible” people. After all, we sent out plenty of recycling each week! However, as we began discovering […]

Getting homestay students

Baby Steps: Goodbye for now

Why I am grateful for the tire that blew…

Nourishing Frugal Food Carnival- Sides, Salads and Desserts!

Welcome to the second edition of the Nourishing Frugal Food Carnival (if you missed the first week of main dishes at The Nourishing Gourmet, catch it here)! This week I am honored to host the carnival, where we will focus on frugal yet nourishing salads, side dishes and desserts- yummy! If you have a blog and would like to join in, please share with us some of your favorite recipes that fit the bill, and then add your name and brief description to the Mr. […]

Nourishing Frugal Food coming up…