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Frugality with Food, Revisited- Part 2

Here is my continued list of strategies for keeping my grocery costs low (while keeping healthy foods a priority), in the midst of the rising grocery costs: (If you missed the first post, which also explains why I'm going through all of these ideas, you can find it here.) 9) Shopping with a detailed list– I never, ever go grocery shopping without a list of some kind. Usually, I write up very specific lists, based on my meal planning, what I already have in my […]

Baby Steps: Going More Natural, One Cleaner at a Time

Just a reminder– If you haven’t done it yet, make sure that you visit last week’s recipe carnival to find some inspiration for completing the last Baby Step! So far in this Baby Steps series, we’ve talked a bit about toiletries (toothpaste), food preparation (using dry beans), and cooking nutritious food (making a list of healthy, convenient meals)… now it’s time to try a different area. You’ll notice that I’m going to float around from topic to topic in this series, because I am trying […]

sweet and sour lentils

Frugality with Food, Revisited- Part 1

We're all feeling it. The grocery budget crunch. The shifting economy. The struggle to keep food costs reasonable. It seems that each time I go to the grocery store these days, yet another item that I regularly buy has risen in price. Each time I place my order with my co-op, Azure, another item has gone up beyond the price in the new catalog. The government decided to get it's hands in on the cow share I'm a part of, and is now charging us […]

Baby Steps: Cooking Dry Beans

Now this is something that I have definitely never thought of using cloth for!