Buying Used: Which Items Are Worth It?

stacks of books

She had been such a good little vacuum for us. She was a purple, upright Dirt Devil, the first decent vacuum I ever owned. We bought her for $16 on a half price day at Bargain World. She even came with 2 packs of extra bags. I thought it was a steal! Two and a half years later, she’s reached the end of her days. My husband has been cleaning out jams of dust, pine needles (and the odd paper clip or shiny bead) repeatedly. […]

While we’re on the topic of cloth diapers…

Cutting down on waste

“Whatever Ya Got” cooking (a frugal way to use what’s in your fridge)

Sometimes it pays to pay someone else

Homemade Soup Broth: An Essential Element in Any Healthy, Frugal Kitchen

making chicken stock

Image by joyosity Ever wonder why fokelore has always included chicken soup as a remedy for the common cold? And why your Grandma’s tastes just so good (so much better than any canned or dry variety ever could)? The secret is in the broth. Rich, delicious, nourishing homemade soup stock. Why is chicken soup superior to all the things we have, even more relaxing than “Tylenol?” It is because chicken soup has a natural ingredient which feeds, repairs, and calms the mucous lining in the […]

Cloth or disposable- It applies to more than just diapers (this is a “girls only” topic)

From the Wedding to Wise Stewardship- A Frugality Story Continued

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As many of you guessed in the first installment, From Innocence to Irresponsibility, this story has a happy ending. Allow me to continue it… ******* It was a humbling thing, to be engaged to a man who had no debt and actually saved up cash to make major purchases, while she was sitting nearly $30,000 in debt. And as the wedding plans progressed, she realized that she needed to make some major changes and fast, especially since this incredible man was willing (even eager!) to […]