Celebrate with Joy: Week 3

Image by ishane For this week’s Celebrate with Joy post, I’m going to take a pause from giving more ideas or activities for adding to your Christmas celebration. Instead, I would like for you to be encouraged and inspired as you press on in learning to make these “holy day” celebrations more meaningful and alive for your family. Meet Sondra, the author of the book Celebrate with Joy. Over the last two weeks, I’ve shared with you many of her ideas and quotes from the […]

Celebrate with Joy: Week 2

Image by ishane It’s Week 2 of making this holiday season more meaningful using the book Celebrate with Joy! How are your Advent activities going? We’ve been enjoying our special devotions (or “learning about Jesus’ names”, as my daughter says) so much. We’ve almost finished making our Names of Jesus garland, and it’s going to be beautiful when it’s finished. Each day we’ve been able to spend 10 minutes or so doing our Advent devotion, reading a scripture, doing a simple object lesson and then […]

Healthy Holiday Eats and Sweets Carnival

It’s time to share all of our favorite, tried-and-true recipes! You know, the ones that you can’t really imagine not having at your holiday table and that just taste like Christmas to you. Traditions are such an important part of how we celebrate holidays, and traditions involve all of the senses- including our smell and taste. Establishing food traditions, alongside our other relationally and spiritually significant traditions, helps to ingrain both the special times spent with loved ones as well as the rich meaning of […]

Healthy Holiday Recipes: Incredibly Yummy Homemade Egg Nog

Living somewhere foreign is an excellent way to challenge yourself to make more foods from scratch. While living in Japan, I missed North American food so very much (though I definitely like Japanese food as well). At times, I went to great lengths to make something that tasted like home. Like the time I made my own wheat-free lasagna noodles because I was 10 weeks pregnant and craving lasagna like nobody’s business. Or my attempt to re-create a Thanksgiving “turkey” by covering up a mound […]

Celebrate with Joy: Week 1

Image by ishane What is Christmas? It is not a winter festival. It is not the inevitable annual energy drain. It is not a few holidays to give us a break. It is not a time to fill our children’s heads with “visions of sugar plums.” Christmas is a season of holy days (the original meanings of “holidays”), filled with rich symbolism. It is a many sided object lesson using the Symbols of the Season to give us glimpses of heaven’s glory. It is a […]

Upcoming… Healthy Holidays Eats and Sweets Carnival

I love Christmas food! Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet or mashed potatoes (or both), hot spiced apple cider, “sugar” cookies…There is something about holiday food that is incredibly festive and celebratory, and so very familar and comforting as well. Unfortunately, holidays often tend to be a time when many of us fall off of the healthy eating bandwagon. Completely understandably, in my opinion. There are so many yummy and tempting offerings, who can say no? I prefer not to have to! This year I would […]

Help me out, ladies! (Father’s Day surprise- stop reading, Ryan!)

Shhhh… don't tell, but despite a serious lack of cash flow this month, I am working hard to earn a gift for my sweetie anyways! I'm trying really hard to use Swagbucks every time I search the web, in order to earn enough points to buy my hubby a fun gift certificate for Father's Day. I've got my eye on the iTunes gift certificate, as he just adores buying new music, and maybe an Amazon gift card as well, if I can scrounge up enough […]

Celebrating Our First Passover Supper