Living with PCOS: Things to Avoid

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “First, do no harm”. It’s a phrase used in medicine, and it refers to the physicians duty to consider first how any interventions or treatments may cause unnecessary harm when treating a patient. When it comes to living with PCOS, I think that before we start trying to add new and helpful things into our diet or routine or supplement regimen, we first need to take a look at anything that needs to go. As helpful as improving our nutrition […]

Living with PCOS: Guarding our Hearts

I began this post with every intention of carrying on where I left off last time- beginning to discuss nutrition more specifically, and then moving on to helpful supplements and natural remedies. It just didn't feel right, though, and I felt that there was a more pressing issue to be examined first. Our hearts. You see, fertility (or rather infertility) is a deeply emotional issue, and it sadly affects most women with PCOS to at least some degree. It touches right to the core of […]

Living with PCOS: Why nutrition really matters

Living with PCOS: Taking a step back

Living with PCOS: The beginning of my story