Eczema: Solving the Underlying Causes, Part 2

Over the past month or so, I’ve been sharing on the topic of eczema, and how to naturally and holistically approach it in order to bring both relief and healing. If you missed any of the past posts, here they are: Eczema: What is it and what causes it? Bringing Relief to the Discomfort Solving the Underlying Causes, Part 1 4) Try Food Eliminations Eczema as a reaction to a food allergy or sensitivity is very, very common. Some of the most common food suspects are: Wheat, eggs, […]

Healthy, Natural Pregnancy: Counting our Blessings!

We’re often quick to talk about the difficulties of pregnancy, but one thing that is so helpful in having a wonderful, healthy pregnancy is simply maintaining a positive, cheerful attitude! I really appreciated Crystal’s focus on choosing joy during her last pregnancy: However, the last two pregnancies I spent a lot of time wishing I could fast-forward to the end of the nine months–or at least to the end of the first twenty weeks. Wish as I might, though, there is no fast forward button on life. […]

Pregnancy Update: 28 weeks

Calling For All PCOS Success Stories!

  Image by JuanRax I know you're out there! Have you used a traditional/whole foods diet and made natural lifestyle changes to improve your symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? Have you lost weight, seen your symptoms dramatically reduce or even disappear, or finally achieved a long hoped for pregnancy? Fellow PCOS'ers, if this describes you, I would LOVE to hear from you! I am hoping to compile some testimonies and success stories, in order to offer hope and encouragment to those who are struggling with […]

Healthy, Natural Pregnancy: Prenatal Vitamins

  I’m interested to know which, if any, prenatals you would take or recommend. In all my past pregnancies, I’ve taken Opti-natals (aka Vita-natals), made by the Eclectic Institute, but they’re unavailable to me now, so I’d like some other suggestions. Amy About a week before delivering my first child, I had a sudden panic attack. What if there was something wrong with her? What if she hadn’t developed properly because of that one month when I didn’t take any prenatal vitamins, or because I enjoyed a few […]

Eczema: Solving the Underlying Causes, Part 1

Now that we’ve discussed what eczema is and some of it’s causes, as well as how to achieve some relief, it’s time to start thinking about long term and underlying causes. I think one of the first things to do in really dealing with eczema is to start ruling out possibilities of cause, to try to narrow it down to the most pressing issue(s). Here are some of the top issues that I would consider when addressing eczema: 1) Avoid All Processed Foods Any preservatives, chemicals (like MSG), […]

Healthy Homemaking: Homemade Condiments

Healthy Homemaking: Meal Planning Primer