Eczema: Solving the Underlying Causes, Part 1

Now that we’ve discussed what eczema is and some of it’s causes, as well as how to achieve some relief, it’s time to start thinking about long term and underlying causes. I think one of the first things to do in really dealing with eczema is to start ruling out possibilities of cause, to try to narrow it down to the most pressing issue(s). Here are some of the top issues that I would consider when addressing eczema: 1) Avoid All Processed Foods Any preservatives, chemicals (like MSG), […]

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Eczema: Bringing Relief to the Discomfort

Eczema: What is it and what causes it?

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Battle of the BPA-free Sippy Cups

We've all heard about BPA in everything. We now know that not only is it found in our Nalgene bottles, but also in our canned foods, and even in our sweet babies bottles and sippy cups. As a concerned mom, when I found out about this, I immediately wanted to throw out all the plastic in the house and replace it with anything I could find that seemed to be safe. Problem was, figuring out what was out there, how to choose between the different […]

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