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Play it Again: The Great Debate- Washing our Fruits and Vegetables

Originally Published March 2008 The debate isn't over whether we should actually wash our fruits and vegetables or not. Most people and "experts" agree, all produce should be washed before being eaten. What is hotly debated, however, is why and with what. Some say we don't need to worry about pesticide residues, but only food-borne bacteria, and therefore rinsing in water is good enough. Others says that pesticide residue is a very real concern and we need to use specially formulated, organic (usually expensive) produce […]

Our Motives for Healthier Living

As Christians who desire to live more healthfully, naturally, sustainably, you-fill-in-the-blank, I think our motivation is such an important area to discuss. I would definitely agree with this guest poster and her conclusion as to why we should even care about or do any of these things at all. But I’ll let her tell you more about it… :) ******* Guest Post by Babychaser We’ve taken the plunge to healthier living… but why?  This is a question I have to ask myself from time to […]

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