Diary of Nursing a Low Milk Supply


Struggling with a low milk supply can be tough. It’s disheartening to know that you’re not making enough milk to satisfy your baby and it takes real work to bring that milk supply back up to where it needs to be. The encouraging thing is that it can be done! Since this is exactly where I’ve been at the past two weeks, I decided to journal my efforts and the results of those efforts. After 8 days of supplementing 2 month old Johanna while being […]

Cleansing and Detoxing: A Few Simple Ways to Do It

diulaxa tea

One of the things about living in a polluted world, full of toxic chemicals in the water, air, food supply, etc. is that they don’t just stay on the outside but many of them end up on the inside, too. Our bodies can become burdened by these toxins over time, and this can affect a whole host of bodily functions, sometimes seen through illness and symptoms and sometimes just silently wearing our bodies down and causing gradual and subtle effects. Either way, they are a […]

A Trip to the ER

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments, your prayers and your patience with me as I recover and get back to normal! It has meant so much to come on to my blog and read through each of your comments. :) I promised to fill in more of the gaps of what's been going on so here goes… Last Wednesday (a little over a week ago), I came down with a throat infection. It was pretty severe and painful right from the start, […]

Herbs for the New Mama

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Play it Again: The Great Debate- Washing our Fruits and Vegetables

Originally Published March 2008 The debate isn't over whether we should actually wash our fruits and vegetables or not. Most people and "experts" agree, all produce should be washed before being eaten. What is hotly debated, however, is why and with what. Some say we don't need to worry about pesticide residues, but only food-borne bacteria, and therefore rinsing in water is good enough. Others says that pesticide residue is a very real concern and we need to use specially formulated, organic (usually expensive) produce […]