How to Identify and Use Winter Squashby  

Written by Stacy Karen, Contributing Writer While most can identify pumpkin and butternut as varieties of winter squash, many of us don't know much about other types of winter squash or how to prepare them. Today I want to dive... Read More

Farmer’s Market Project: Make a Salad with Kidsby  

Written by Kate Tietje, Contributing Writer I am so excited.  It's finally May, which means that the farmer's market is now open!  Well...we're lucky -- there is a winter market near me.  But I never went (I know, I know).... Read More

Picky Eaters: Avoiding the Dinnertime Dilemma By Raising Children With a Heart of Gratitudeby  

Written by Courtney, Contributing Writer Picky eaters, finicky eaters, stubborn, selective. The notion of children being picky about their food is common these days. I’ve noticed that it’s tossed around as “normal” and accepted, even justified by some. Pop psychology... Read More

45 Real Food Snacks for Kidsby  

Earlier this week, Mindy shared some fantastic ideas more specifically for toddlers and for on-the-go eating (no mess!). Now Stacy shares a very wide variety of any age, kid-friendly, whole food snacks for home and for travelling. Written by Stacy... Read More

Let’s Talk: Should You Allow Your Kids to Eat Junk at Birthday Parties?by  

Here's the scenario: Your young son or daughter has been invited to a friend's birthday party. You know this family to some degree and are aware that their eating standards aren't the same as your family's. The party will likely... Read More

Raising Healthy Eaters: Helping Our Kids to Make Great Food Choicesby  

Today I have the privilege of being featured at Hannah Keeley's site, with my guest post Raising Healthy Eaters: Helping Our Kids to Make Great Food Choices. You can check out my large mugshot (seriously!) and read what I have... Read More

Where Food Comes From 101by  

... Read More

Raising Healthy Eaters- Retraining children’s eating habitsby  

When I put out my request for a guest post for this very last edition of the Raising Healthy Eaters series, it didn't occur to me at the time that I had the perfect person for the task right under... Read More

Raising Healthy Eaters- Simple and nutritious snack ideas for kidsby  

As this series draws to a close, I thought it would be helpful to share a list of our favorite, healthy and easy-to-make snacks, and I've given you the opportunity to do the same below. If you have missed any... Read More

Snack carnival reminder!by  

... Read More

Raising healthy eaters- Making mealtimes work with toddlersby  

Before you read on through this post, I just wanted to alert you to a couple of important items mentioned at the very bottom of this post, in bold and italics- please make sure that you don't miss them! And... Read More

Raising Healthy Eaters- Involving Children in Choosing and Cooking Foodby  

It's hard to get around in my kitchen these days. It's not really that it's too small, or poorly designed, or anything like that. It's mostly just because these days, my kitchen has a new, rather permanent, addition: Image by... Read More

Raising healthy eaters- Requiring children to eat foods they dislike: A discussionby  

... Read More

Raising healthy eaters- Feeding picky toddlersby  

... Read More

Raising healthy eaters- Back again next weekby  

... Read More

Raising healthy eaters- Making your own baby foodby  

One of the best things about making your own is not only that it makes the most economical sense, but that it makes even organic baby food very, very reasonably priced. Organic food is even more important when it comes... Read More

Raising healthy eaters- What to feed babyby  

In my post last week, I discussed the importance of ensuring that your baby is truly ready, waiting longer than the typical age promoted by most doctors and books, and focusing on breastmilk as the foundation for baby's nutrition. So... Read More

Raising healthy eaters- Introducing solids to babiesby  

The timing of this post is perfect for me, as my little guy, Caden, is just beginning to eat solids regularly. Recognizing that he is ready to have some solids incorporated into his daily feeding routine has pushed me to... Read More

Raising healthy eaters- What’s for lunch, Mom?by  

I apologize for bouncing around between topics a little bit in this series, but I am trying to address questions and specific areas of interest as they come up. Recently I received an email asking specifically for lunch ideas, because... Read More

Raising healthy eaters- Getting off to the best startby  

Before we are off and running on topics such as healthy snacks and lunches, getting your kids interested and involved in nutrition, and help for picky toddlers, I thought that we would touch on this all important subject of what... Read More

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