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Q&A: Resources for learning about whole grainsby  

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Preaching the Gospel to ourselvesby  

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Passionate Housewives- great video clips!by  

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Book Review: The 100 Mile Diet (at last!)by  

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, The 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating, and actually stayed up late a couple of nights to keep reading. It's a topic that fascinates my nutritionally minded, health-nut brain, and inspires me to... Read More

My Mommy, my teacherby  

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Book Review: The 100 Mile Diet (first installment)by  

This weekend I finally got my hands on a book that I've been really excited to read since I heard about it. It appeals to the back-to-the-land, everything natural and homemade, wish I was born in the 1800's, side of... Read More

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