Current Reads For the Month of May

The Backyard Homestead

Anyone who knows me just a little should know that a book titled "The Backyard Homestead " is guaranteed to make me swoon! Add in a subtitle of: "Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre!" and be still. my. heart. At the conference we attended last weekend, my darling hubby saw me practically drooling over this book, and proceeded to sneakily buy it for me and surprise me with it during one of our lunch picnics. I've been devouring it every […]

Gratitude and a Little Bit of Housekeeping

Introducing Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time!

A natural stain remover that really works!

I found out a way to get blackberry stains off my little girl’s off-white blouse and pumpkin baby food off my little guy’s white/green shirt… without any heavy chemicals, and with minimal effort and cheap ingredients? Do I have your attention yet? :) Here are the ingredients: Liquid Dish Detergent, Glycerin, and water. The glycerin I found in the pharmacy of my local grocery store, $2.00 for enough to make one good sized (1 L or 1 Qt) squirt bottle of the stain remover. You […]

Artisan bread in five minutes is a beautiful thing

Name my ebook!

A Nostalgic Giveaway