Forum Highlights: January

Oops, I skipped December! So now it is definitely high time that I let you know about some of the fantastic conversations that have been taking place and questions that are being asked and answered in the Keeper of the Home community forum! For those unfamiliar with the forum or who aren’t members yet, you can learn more about my vision for the forum. To take a look through the forum you can click here, or visit the link in my navigational bar above, or […]

Almost-Christmas Ramblings


Just a few thoughts as I prepare to take a little time for celebration, relaxation and meditation this next week: 1) The picture you see above is Johanna’s birth announcement. It may make some of you feel oddly comforted to know that I picked them up last week. Yes, she’s 4 months old. I figured it was high time we let people know we had a baby! Just kidding. I’m pretty sure they know. But still, it would be nice to actually get her photo […]

How I Plan to Keep Blog Time in Check

apple keyboard

Image by DeclanTM Based on my recent announcement that I’m going to be scaling back a little on my blogging efforts, and the absolutely enormous (and incredibly encouraging) response that I received, I thought I would just share a few thoughts on how I am working to keep blog work minimal while I continue to keep up my blog: Write shorter posts- If I notice that I post is getting too long and I can’t finish it as I’d like to within the time that […]

Pro-Mom, Not Pro-Blogger


I’m not sure that I knew what I was getting myself into. It all seems so very long ago when I first began setting up Keeper of the Home over two years ago. I don’t really remember what I thought blogging would be like… enjoyable, relatively simple, something I could do during the children’s naps, a great way to share what I’m passionate about and get to know other like-minded women, and even a way to earn some money doing something I love from home. […]

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo… Which Book Titles Have to Go?

I’m always amazed at the reader feedback I get when I ask you all for help with something. Thanks for getting creative and offering so many wonderful book title suggestions! What would I do without you? (Well, I’d probably call my book something boring like “Good Frugal Food”. :)) (And if you’re wondering what book I’m talking about, you can read more about my upcoming book here!) Ryan and I have gone through the names and added in some of our own. We’ve narrowed it […]

1 Minute Survey

Ladies, I have a quick favor to ask of you… This is something I should have done ages ago. For me to be able to continue serving the needs of my readers, it would be so helpful for me to know some more exact demographics, rather than just guessing (because guessing is kind of fun, but highly inaccurate!). Literally, this survey will take 1 minute to complete. It’s 100% anonymous (I have no idea who is filling it out). There’s no Excalibur Dehydrator giveaway at […]

Forum Highlights- November

community forum

Wow, the forum is really hopping these days! I have been so blessed by the way that so many of you have just jumped on board with the forum, starting new topics, answering other’s questions, introducing yourselves… it’s really phenomenal to me. It is creating exactly the type of community and resource that I had envisioned when I first came up with the idea of having a forum! Thank you for your participation. I love it! Now that there are nearly 300 members and 150 […]

The Carnival I Almost Missed and Other Important News


Well, I may be able to pull off a mean baking day but I’m still forgetful at heart. :) In the midst of preparing for baking day and then spending all day yesterday actually doing it, guess who completely forgot that it was supposed to be the Organic Gardening Carnival today? Oh wait, that would be me! Because I always prefer to give everyone a heads up about an upcoming carnival the day before it actually happens (just to give you time to prepare your […]