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It’s (About) Time for a Changeby  

Photo credit robyn michelle-lee lifestyle photography There's a change coming. It's been coming for a long time and I'm sorry that it's taken me so long. I need to apologize to you all. For the past two years, I have... Read More

My Experience at Blissdom ’10by  

I went into my time at Blissdom '10 not knowing quite what to expect and more than a little nervous. I was one of the only bloggers going from my niche and I wasn't sure who I would connect with,... Read More

A Call for Contributing Writers and a (Brief) Reader Surveyby  

**Quick note to all who have emailed/will email me regarding becoming a contributing writer- due to the incredible response I've received so far, it might take me until more like early next week, rather than only a day or two... Read More

Real Food Bloggers Face-Offby  

I'm home from Blissdom... completely exhausted (but it was worth it), brain absolutely buzzing with ideas and inspiration for my blog, and absolutely thrilled to be back together with my family whom I adore. I promise that just as soon... Read More

I’m Going to Blissdom, Y’all!by  

In two short days, I board a plane to go and do something I would have never imagined that I would do a year or two ago... I'm going to a blog conference! I'm headed to Nasvhille, TN where I... Read More

Forum Highlights: Januaryby  

Oops, I skipped December! So now it is definitely high time that I let you know about some of the fantastic conversations that have been taking place and questions that are being asked and answered in the Keeper of the... Read More

Almost-Christmas Ramblingsby  

Just a few thoughts as I prepare to take a little time for celebration, relaxation and meditation this next week: 1) The picture you see above is Johanna's birth announcement. It may make some of you feel oddly comforted to... Read More

How I Plan to Keep Blog Time in Checkby  

Image by DeclanTM Based on my recent announcement that I'm going to be scaling back a little on my blogging efforts, and the absolutely enormous (and incredibly encouraging) response that I received, I thought I would just share a few... Read More

Pro-Mom, Not Pro-Bloggerby  

I'm not sure that I knew what I was getting myself into. It all seems so very long ago when I first began setting up Keeper of the Home over two years ago. I don't really remember what I thought... Read More

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo… Which Book Titles Have to Go?by  

I'm always amazed at the reader feedback I get when I ask you all for help with something. Thanks for getting creative and offering so many wonderful book title suggestions! What would I do without you? (Well, I'd probably call... Read More

1 Minute Surveyby  

Ladies, I have a quick favor to ask of you... This is something I should have done ages ago. For me to be able to continue serving the needs of my readers, it would be so helpful for me to... Read More

Forum Highlights- Novemberby  

Wow, the forum is really hopping these days! I have been so blessed by the way that so many of you have just jumped on board with the forum, starting new topics, answering other's questions, introducing yourselves... it's really phenomenal... Read More

The Carnival I Almost Missed and Other Important Newsby  

Well, I may be able to pull off a mean baking day but I'm still forgetful at heart. :) In the midst of preparing for baking day and then spending all day yesterday actually doing it, guess who completely forgot... Read More

Introducing the Forum!by  

Oh, this is such an exciting week for me! All of these things that I have been dreaming up and planning for so long are finally taking place! For quite some time, I've wanted to launch a forum here at... Read More

2 Year Blogiversary Celebration: What’s New and a Giveaway!by  

Image by robyn michelle-lee photography Can you believe it's been 2 years already?!? I can hardly believe that two years have gone by since I first started Keeper of the Home, but this week marks the second anniversary of my... Read More

I Tweet! (Oh yes, I do!)by  

Did you think you'd ever see the day when I joined Twitter? :) I haven't been shy in my dislike for social media or the fact that I think it can tend to be a time-stealer and get in the... Read More

Some Housekeeping (in the Midst of the Chaos!)by  

First off, a big ol' apology to everyone for the train wreck that is my blog right now! This week we are in the midst of a switchover from my previous blog platform (Typepad) to a self-hosted site through Wordpress.... Read More

There’s a change in the air…by  

Just wanted to let you all know that there are some big changes happening behind the scenes on my blog this week! (And no, I didn't whip them up while I was sick- this has been in the works for... Read More

No Newsby  

... Read More

Swagbucks Offerby  

... Read More

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