Weekend Links, Book Announcement & eBook Sale!

Links for this week:

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Make Your Own Healthy, Delicious Watermelon Popsicles At Home @ The Thrifty Mama

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Book Announcement!

We’re so excited to officially announce that Stephanie is a contributor in a newly published book, Trust Your Intuition 25 “Natural Medicine Confessions” from Influential Women Who Use Healing Remedies For Their Families! It was released this past Wednesday and is available on Amazon.com. There are 24 other women besides Stephanie (including several KOTH writers!), who have also contributed, and they each share a story of why they chose to use natural medicine for a health issue or challenge in their homes.

In this book there are situations that these women have encountered and they share how they have used natural medicine to resolve the problem. Stephanie’s chapter is on how she healed her son’s skin infection without antibiotics.

This is a fantastic resource not only for those who are looking for alternative treatment methods for common ailments in their families, but also serves as a source of encouragement that confirms that alternative treatments really do work!

You can purchase a copy on Amazon.com today!

And a special surprise book sale…

Just for fun, we decided to throw a 50% off summer flash sale on our own KOTH digital books!

Get any of our 3 ebooks for half price from Saturday, July 20- Monday, July 22 (sale lasts until midnight):

Or want the best deal of all? Get the 3-book bundle (scroll to the bottom of the page). It’s already a steal at $10 off the total combined price of the books, and the 50% off coupon will take another 50% on top of that!

Use coupon code SUMMER50 at checkout to get your discount. Here’s to your healthier homemaking! :)

Have you tried different natural treatments in your family? What has worked for you?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my popsicles!

  2. Hi
    l was wondering if anyone has had success in using codliver oil on cataracts.
    l have both eyes affected and l am told using a dropper to administer the oil everynight into each eye.[can help reduce the cataracts]

  3. I use Young Living essential oils all the time as natural remedies. Lavender is great for burns, cuts, bruises. Peppermint does a wonderful job with upset tummies. Enjoying a drop or two of lemon oil with my water daily helps keep my liver and digestive system running well. Panaway is my favorite oil when I have sore shoulders or an achy back. The list goes on. I get so much use out of these oils that I’ve added them to my Health Coaching business and I distribute them – in fact I have a giveaway going on right now, so feel free to check it out!