My darling little goofballs, playing around at the Colosseum in Rome. Note the all-important Batman shirt, a birthday present for our little-turned-big boy who celebrated his 6th birthday in the “eternal city”.

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In downtown Rome, amidst the many ruins, with my very own Superman. Part of Caden’s birthday present was matching Superman shirts for him and Daddy.

Enjoying the Trevi fountain together.

This week…

Our family just left Rome a few days ago. For us, Rome captures our imagination, because we can’t think of anywhere else where the reminders of history are so evident right there in the middle of a modern city. Every corner you turn in Rome reveals another layer of the history, the stories, the architecture… all hints of what once was.

Even better, our dear friends came to join us at the end of our time there, and though our time was short, it was so precious to us. Though it’s such a blessing and privilege to travel this year, one of the hardest things about it is missing our friends and family back home. Here we are, walking through Palatine Hill together.

Now, we’re in Sicily, enjoying the open-air markets, the sunshine, the turquoise sea, and a slower week without so much sight seeing (although we have plans to head to volcanic Mt. Etna tomorrow).

What have you enjoyed doing with your family so far this spring?