67 Homemade All-Natural Cleaning Recipes

This post has homemade, all-natural cleaning tips and links to more than 67 homemade, all-natural cleaning recipes – something for every need in your home!

After my first child was born, I started making  my own homemade all-natural cleaning products.

My purpose in making homemade all-natural cleaning recipes is two-fold:

1. It saves me money.

2. I can control the ingredients, which allows me to eliminate the toxins found in the majority of store-bought household cleaners.

I started out with a basic vinegar-water, all-purpose cleaner, which is incredibly easy to put together and only pennies to make! It is still one of my favorites.

A few weeks ago I chatted with Jenny from Southern Savers about making homemade all-natural cleaners. I had to laugh at the thought of an entire podcast of me talking about making cleaners at home, when it really is so incredibly easy!

If you are planning on making your own cleaners, I recommend you go ahead and purchase some of the basic ingredients you will need for many of these recipes:

It can be a major timer sucker to search for homemade all-natural cleaning recipes all over the internet.

So, today, we’re giving you 67 homemade all-natural cleaning recipes! Enjoy!

Image courtesy Live Renewed

For the bathroom

1. homemade disinfecting wipes

2. safe bathroom cleaner

3. daily shower cleaner

4. toxin-free toilet cleaner

5. homemade, non-toxic disinfectant

6. homemade bathroom scrub with a surprising secret ingredient

7. 4-way soft scrubber

Also check out and pin Clean Your Shower or Bathtub Simply and Recipe for a Nice, Fresh Bathroom. 

Image courtesy Stacy Makes Cents

For the laundry room

For my thoughts on natural laundry care, read 5 Ways to Detox Your Laundry Routine.

8. how to clean a washing machine

Homemade Laundry Detergents:

9. homemade liquid laundry detergent

10. homemade, non-toxic concentrated laundry detergent

11. powder laundry detergent using Castile bar soap

12. DIY powdered soap nuts

13. no-grate homemade laundry detergent

14. easy homemade laundry soap

15. homemade liquid soap nuts

If this list overwhelming, check out and pin my top 5 homemade laundry detergent recipes.
Image courtesy The Prairie Homestead

Homemade Stain Removers:

16. the best stain remover

17. DIY laundry stain remover 

18. natural bleach alternative

19. hydrogen peroxide magic

20. a surprising ink stain remover

21. homemade oxyclean

22. homemade, all-natural laundry stain remover

23. Stacy’s stain removal

24. homemade “Shout” stain remover

25. 1-ingredient crayon remover

26. DIY laundry spot remover

27. a set-in stain stain remover

28. a stain removal trick

If you want a post with JUST stain removers, you can pin my 10+ Homemade Stain Removers post. Also check out and pin Charting the Way to Successful Stain Removal.

Image courtesy Live Renewed

Homemade Fabric Softeners:

29. homemade fabric softener

30. homemade dryer sheets

31. alternately, use wool dryer balls

For the kitchen

32. homemade liquid dish soap

33. dishwasher rinse aid

34. cleaner for burnt pot and pans

35. cleaner for crystal

36. homemade produce cleaner

37. cleaner for the microwave

38. homemade, non-toxic oven cleaner

39. coffee pot cleaner

40. crock pot cleaner

41. homemade dishwasher detergent

42. dishwasher detergent

43. fruit and veggie wash

For more on keeping your kitchen clean, naturally, read or pin Recipe for a Toxin-Free Kitchen: 10 Homemade Kitchen Cleaners.

Image courtesy The Humbled Homemaker

For the patio & garage

44. homemade bug repellent

45. weed killer

46. using vinegar to keep your windshield from frosting in the winter

All around the house


47. how to get a set-in stain out of carpet

48. green carpet stain remover

49. simple carpet freshener

50. simple, frugal carpet cleaner

51. homemade, non-toxic carpet cleaner

52. natural, homemade carpet freshener

Image courtesy Whole New Mom


53. homemade dusting spray

54. homemade furniture polish

55. homemade wood polish


56. no-streak glass cleaner

57. easy, green window cleaner


58. “fauxbreeze“(a natural spin on Febreeze)

59. homemade air freshener

60-61. two odor eliminating, air freshening sprays


62. homemade ant killer

63. natural wallpaper remover

All-purpose cleaners:

64. citrus enzyme spray

65. multi-purpose citrus cleaner

66. simple, homemade, 3-in-1 household cleaner

67. homemade, all-purpose cleaner (with a video tutorial!)

Want even more homemade, all-natural cleaning inspiration?

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Keeper of the Home contributor Stacy Karen also has a FREE eBook, Simple & Natural Green Cleaning Guide.


Do you use homemade, all-natural cleaning recipes? What are your favorite homemade, all-natural cleaning recipes?

By Erin Odom, Contributing Writer

top image by sskennel

About Erin O

Erin is a follower of Jesus, wife to Will and mommy to three little redheaded girls (born in 2008, 2010 and 2012). She is a life-long, professional dreamer and recovering overwhelmed homemaker. Her mission is to encourage, educate and empower her readers at The Humbled Homemaker to live a grace-filled, natural life. She is the author of a 200+-page eBook all about cloth diapering-- Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert: A Simple, Comprehensive Guide to Using Cloth Diapers.

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  1. This is a great list! I would never have thought of some of these. Thanks!

  2. Love it! I use soap nuts but I will try some recipes here :)

  3. Thanks for including my carpet stain remover link! You’ve got a great list here – bookmarking it for future!

  4. Thanks for sharing my Citrus Enzyme Spray (#64) recipe. I noticed that you have a top loader cleaning link and I thought you might want to share my front loader cleaning tip for those who’ve had smelly front loader – a very common problem. http://www.ecokaren.com/2009/06/front-loading-washer-maintenance/

    Oh and Non-Toxic Soft Scrub formula http://www.ecokaren.com/2011/09/natural-soft-scrub-and-weekend-round-up/

    Great site! Off to share your tips!

  5. sabrina says:

    WOW! Thanks for the very extensive list….one item that caught my eye in particular was the crayon remover…..I saved this post in my faves, BUT HAD to look into that one…well, I am super-duper excited to say that your tip WORKED….woot! woot! I could not find anything to remove my son’s crayon art from our white desk and windows…those awful non-washable crayons are never entering our home again BUT if one happens to sneak back in….I’ll know how to get rid of it thanks to you!!! Thanks again!

  6. I noticed you had plastic containers for your recipes that contain essential oils. You might consider storing in glass rather than plastic because the EOs will leak plastic toxins into your recipes.

  7. This is an awesome list! Pinned it for future reference and looking forward to trying some of these out!

  8. PaganMom says:

    Thank you so much for your information. I will definitely put this in my binder in the kitchen so it is always handy

  9. This is a great list! Thanks for including one of mine. :)

  10. WONDERFUL post! I’m excited to try these.

    On be half of-
    A Moment with MOM

  11. Great list, Erin! I pinned this for future reference.


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