Colorful buildings lining the Old Town Square in downtown Prague, Czech Republic.

Links I loved this week:

Intention in the Morning @ Clover Lane. I often forget this, too. Such a necessary reminder for all of us mamas.

Teaching girls to respect their bodies (and each other) @ a Delightful Home

Patience on the Journey of Motherhood Holds Great Rewards! @ (in)courage. For every mom that is struggling right now with the season that you’re in, read this and press on towards the rewards of mothering, the ones that we can’t see or feel yet, but await us nonetheless.

You are mighty, because you mother {A Mother’s Day video} @ Lisa-Jo Baker. Watch this!

How to Choose a CSA {Green in 365} @ Live Renewed. CSAs are such a great alternative for those who don’t want to or aren’t able to garden, but still want to support local farmers and enjoy the freshest, seasonal produce.

planting time @ SouleMama. Oh, how I miss my garden this year. I crave being in the dirt, to run my fingers through cakey black soil, to poke holes to be filled with seeds. To wait with bated breath each morning as I check on them, to see if new life has sprouted up like a miracle that catches me by surprise every spring.

4 Steps to Take When You’re Not Ready for Change @ A Holy Experience

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Edit: This sale has ended now– hopefully we’ll do it again next year! :)

I’ve told you plenty about The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle all week, so I won’t get into the details too much right now. The main things you need to know are this:

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Catch all of the details, including each and every phenomenal eBook included, as well as the breakdown of bonus offers, in this post.

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This week…

The buildings in the Old Town Square don’t mean that much to our kids… they prefer to chase brilliant bubbles from this entrepreneurial young man.

What I’m reading: Nothing. I’ve got a big list of books I can’t wait to read, but at the moment, life has been a little hectic. Now that our massive eBook bundle sale is almost over, I’m eager to take a bit of time off and spend it relaxing and reading!

What I’m doing: Staying up way too late in our Prague apartment, finishing up with blog work, doing trip planning, and packing up to head to Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic tomorrow morning, and then on to the Greece mainland this coming week.

What I’ve been making: Yogurt and kefir. Except not really “making” them, but mostly just pouring them into a bowl or cup and thoroughly enjoying. Since arriving in Europe just over two weeks ago, I’ve been delighted at the high quality yogurts and kefir available in almost any store I shop at.

What I’m enjoying: Today I took my 5 and 3 year olds out for our last day in Prague (while my husband stayed home with our sick 8 year old and 1 year old). My favorite part of the day was the last half hour before we went home, when we ducked into a little cafe near our rental apartment, called The Gingerbread Museum. The kids each chose a delicately decorated gingerbread cookie from the myriad options. Even better than the ones you can eat, though, are the incredible pieces of art and decor they’ve made out of gingerbread and colored icing– a map of historical Prague on the wall (my fave), chandeliers, flowers and scrolls along the wall, a pillar colored in a winding rainbow of colorful hearts. So captivating!

What have you been enjoying with your children lately?