One of our first looks at Iguazu Falls. The white that you see at the bottom of the photo is the mist from the falls, which rises so high that it obscures much of the bottom view. These are some mighty powerful falls. I was blown away by the sheer volume of water that falls each second!

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A different part of Iguazu Falls, along the upper path (there is also a lower path- so you can see the same falls from both above, and then also from below). This walk that looks down on the falls and the river below was probably our favorite part of the park. It feels like a tropical paradise there, an Eden of sorts. I could probably wax poetic about this lovely place all day, if you still wanted to listen to me. :)

This week…

What I’m doing: This past week was very full with traveling to Iguazu Falls in northern Argentina (right on the Brazilian and Paraguayan borders). I have to say that standing literally next to or right above or under that kind of raw power is exhilarating, and also, rather humbling. It was an experience of a lifetime and I’m so grateful that God allowed us to see this special part of His creation.

In other news… we fly to Europe in a mere 4 days! It’s rather unbelievable to me that our 12 weeks here in nearly finished. It’s gone by SO fast! We have so many special memories of our time here, and now we are eagerly anticipating moving on to this next portion of our trip!

What I’m eating: Fresh fruits and vegetables! We spent the past 5 days having a really hard time buying any produce that wasn’t awful quality, or sometimes even buying anything to eat with fruits and vegetables at all. Needless to say, we’re feeling deprived and so I went out and bought probably far more than we actually need for our 2 days in this current apartment!

Sale This Week on A Practical Guide to Children’s Health!

Next week, there will be a sale on A Practical Guide to Children’s Health, a new ebook that was recently put out by KOTH writer Kate Tietje of Modern Alternative Mama. I’ve been reading through my copy and I’m impressed at how Kate has broken down this vast area which can be so confusing to parents, and given you practical advice, solid resources, and what I felt to be a non-emotional and non-judgmental approach.
The book is definitely swayed to a more natural, alternative approach (which you would expect if you read Kate’s blog, or this blog for that matter), but it also really tries to look at the science behind these topics, and doesn’t just give pat answers for hard issues (like vaccinations, for example).
In it, there are three main sections: Food, Health, and Environment. In each, there are several topics that are important to parents, like super foods, special diets, picky eaters, healthy snack ideas, milk, grains and sugar, healthy recipes, OTC medications, prescription medications, vaccines, herbal remedies for common conditions, sleep issues, herbal guide, alternative practitioners, organic clothing and bedding, car seat safety, and even schooling and positive discipline. These topics examine the controversial and misleading information and explain the options concisely.
The sale runs April 15 – 19, and is a great deal, particularly for the digital versions.
Digital Versions (PDF, Kindle) will be $9.95 (instead of $17.95)
Print Version will be $18.95 (instead of $24.95
No coupon codes necessary! Just make sure you get your copy between Monday and Friday next week.

When you haven’t been able to eat as well as usual, what kind of foods do you usually crave as you get back on track?