This seems to be the week for giveaways geared to meal planning and cooking from scratch!

Today’s giveaway is a little bit different, though. Typically I share a lot about doing your own meal planning, but I know that for many people, that’s still a daunting thought.

Particularly for those still making the transition to real foods and looking for ways to cut down on the planning time that goes along with eating better, No More To Go just might be the perfect solution.

Instead of scouring books and the web for recipes, turning them into a varied and interesting meal plan, and then creating a shopping list for said meals, would you rather that someone else just did the work for you? I wouldn’t blame you at all if your answer was a resounding yes!

Sometimes what’s standing in the way of making better foods is the extra time and effort it takes before you even get to the actual cooking. Here’s what No More To Go does for you:

  • Each Friday morning, you’ll receive an email with the menu plan for the week, as well as a grocery shopping list. This gives you time to get your shopping done over the weekend so that you’re ready to go on Monday.
  • The weekly meal plan that you receive includes 5 complete meals, with sides, and a bonus meal for the weekend.
  • Grocery lists are organized by categories to help get you in and out of the store faster. You can either print it out, or use your mobile devise to access it.
  • Each meal plan comes with tips to help you modify recipes for gluten free needs, picky eaters, and kids.
  • You’ll always have access to previous menu plans and recipes on the website. If you need to swap out one of the meals in the weekly plan, you need an extra recipe, or you simply want to go back and make a meal again because it was such a hit, you can easily search for and access previous recipes.

But are the recipes good? And are they truly “real food” friendly?

While I haven’t made any of the recipes yet (finding all of the foods that we’re used to eating while living here in Argentina is a tricky adjustment and for now I’m just doing the best with whatever I can find!), they look and sound delicious.

For example, in the sample menu posted on the No More To Go website, there are meals like Tuscan Sausage and Potato Soup with Parmesan Toasts, Sauteed Chicken with Mushroom Sage Wild Rice and Broccoli, and Salmon Topped Potato Pancakes (mmm, I really want to try this one). I noticed a nice variety of proteins (chicken, beef, pork, fish, beans and legumes), a moderate amount of grains, and plenty of fresh vegetables.

The recipes look simple to follow and aren’t full of complicated ingredients. If there’s an ingredient that you wouldn’t usually buy (capers, for example), I say just skip it or substitute with something else (like olives).

A few recipes included ingredients that weren’t exactly the ones I keep in my traditional foods kitchen. I’m not a fan of canola oil, for example, which several recipes call for, but I find things like that to be an easy switch. I would simply substitute extra virgin olive oil, beef tallow, real butter, or coconut oil, depending on the particular recipe.

The odd canned ingredient like store-bought salsa (which was very rare- almost all recipe ingredients listed were just fresh, whole foods) could be your own home-canned salsa, an organic variety that you enjoy, or a quick homemade salsa instead. Small substitutions like this are easy to do when you already have someone doing the rest of the thinking and planning work for you.

Created by a busy mom who understands

The woman behind No More To Go, Stacey, is a regular wife and mom of 3. She desired to keep her own family away from processed foods and out of the drive-thru lane, despite the fact that life is busy and she didn’t always have a lot of time to cook.

Recognizing how important it is to make and eat healthy meals together as a family, she made it a priority to learn to simplify the process, and then she took her 13 years of cooking and homemaking experience and started putting her recipes and menu plans together to help make it easier for other moms.

There are several different membership options available. Try it out for a month at a time ($7 per month), or lower the per-month cost with a longer subscription: 3 months ($18 or $6 per month), 6 months ($34 or $5.67 per month) or 12 months ($64 or $5.33 per month- the best price).

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Disclosure: This post has been generously sponsored by No More To Go. All opinions are my own.