Weekend Links (hello from Argentina!)

A lively, bustling street market in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Hello again! It felt so strange to be away from the blog for almost 3 weeks, the longest blogging break I’ve ever taken.

As many of you know, the blog vacation came about because our family has flown the coop, and we’re currently on the first leg of our around-the-world travels.

We arrived in Argentina three weeks ago today, starting in Buenos Aires. We spent two weeks there, including one week focusing on intensive Spanish language lessons, so naturally, we’re all practically fluent by now. Ahem.

Discovering a merry-go-round in a Buenos Aires park

Next, we moved on to a few days in Uruguay. We hadn’t initially realized how much Buenos Aires had tired us out.

Adjusting to the first couple of weeks of traveling with four young children, in small apartments, with a huge city that was difficult to get around had been harder than we anticipated, and feeling like we had to be constantly vigilant against theft or something happening to the kids was exhausting. The learning curve for us right now is steep.

One of the many incredibly gorgeous sites in old town Colonia, Uruguay

But once we arrived in Uruguay, that totally melted away. The small town of Colonia del Sacramento (just a ferry ride from Buenos Aires) was the perfect place for the last few days before my husband and I prepared to get back to working while we travel. It has a picturesque old town, left over from early Portuguese colonial days, and we loved every moment we spent there.

Following that, we ferried it back to Buenos Aires, just in time to catch a looong bus ride (22+ hours) to the Northeast corner of Argentina, to a smaller city called Salta. We’re fairly close to the Bolivian border, and everything here feels different.

Siesta is observed here, meaning everything shuts down for hours each afternoon. The population is far more indigenous, meaning that we stick our like sore thumbs (I mean, like really cool tourists). The scenery is lush, green and mountainous, with brilliant blue sky and low-lying clouds, meaning we’re in heaven.

The view from our new home in Salta- amazing, right?

Since we found it so challenging to keep the children from going stir crazy in itty-bitty, big city apartments, and because we knew that we would be here for quite a while, we sought out a small house rental instead.

We found the perfect place, a just-right sized home with 3 bedrooms and a full kitchen, in a quiet and safe neighborhood. It’s beautiful and we all love it. We’ll spend a month here, establishing more of a regular daily routine which includes running both of our businesses, blogging more frequently, homeschooling the kids, and continuing to work on our Spanish.

You can read a more detailed update in our latest blog post The Never-Ending Bus, Our First Stolen Bag and Settling Into Life in Salta.

Giveaways coming right up!

Now back to a little blog business…

This Monday, you can look forward to a fantastic giveaway week with all sorts of prizes for the healthy homemaker… meal planning helps, all-natural soaps and body care products, a Berkey water filter and more!

Links I loved this week:

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I’ve missed you all– it’s good to be back!

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  1. I love that you are traveling the world with your children! My husband and I just moved our three little kids across the ocean from New England to Europe, and we’re enjoying the adventure. I am looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!

  2. I’m very much enjoying both Keeper of the Home and EntreFamily Travels. It’s cool to see how your perspective is changing and developing as you move along in the journey. Can’t wait for more! :-)

  3. How wonderful for you and your family!
    When you say “running your businesses”, what is it you both do that you can do it on the road? Is yours the running of Keeper of the Home? Just curious… : )

    • Yes, Keeper of the Home is my primary business. It’s pretty amazing when doing what you love also brings in an income. I’m blessed. :)

      My husband runs a music school back in our hometown, so that’s the other main thing that we do.

  4. Siesta. Such a brilliant invention. The western world really needs to get on board with that! :)

  5. Oh, wow! I need this! We’ve had days of gray skies and rain, and possible snow flurries tonight…beautiful! Keep those inspiring photos coming!


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