The ever-growing stack of boxes and stuff in our garage storage, as we prepare to move…

Links I loved this week:

How to make a simple banner to highlight your goals @ Simple Homemade

Quit “Real Washing” my Clean Eating @ Kitchen Stewardship

How to Make Flax Seed Hair Gel @ Ashley’s Green Life (I’ve heard of this, but haven’t tried it, though I’m dying to)

Keeping warm with roasted red pepper soup @ Simple Bites (I don’t know why I’ve never tried making roasted red pepper soup, even though we really enjoy it)

3 Marriage Habits Every Married Needs- because it’s worth falling in love again @ A Holy Experience

How to Beat Sugar Cravings with Glutamine @ Food Renegade (we’ve used L-glutamine for gut healing, but never for sugar cravings, so I found this very interesting)

2 words the world needs @ Jon Acuff

How to Develop More Discipline (Podcast) @ Michael Hyatt (I love to find good podcasts and read them while I’m doing something tedious like folding laundry- does anyone else do this?)

Why I Gave Up Going to Bible Study {From Mommy Guilt to Mommy Grace} @ The Humbled Homemaker

The Birthday Cake Moral Dilemma (and the solution) @ 100 Days of Real Food (my kids are homeschooled so this isn’t exactly a scenario we would face, but it really does look more at how we live our our “real food” choices and still participate in life with other people who may not share our food values and choices)

This week…

What I’m doing: Packing, packing, packing. Planning, planning, planning. And maybe, just occasionally, eating artisan ice cream (made with ingredients I can actually pronounce!) while I do it all. Announcement coming this week! :)

What I’ve been making: Green tea smoothies in my Vitamix. I use Matcha green tea powder, raw milk, frozen bananas, a bit of Stevia, vanilla, and a small scoop of Maca powder. They’re a delicious afternoon pick-me-up.

What I’m wearing: Bare feet, and the coziest thick yoga-style jacket ever, with this extra large cowl neck that zips really high and makes up for my unfortunate lack of socks on cold days.

What I’m enjoying: Sweet friends and family. So many special times with the people we love.

What treats have you been enjoying lately? Am I the only weird one that likes matcha?