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Links I loved this week:

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I think I have an addiction to links… there are always too many good ones!

This week…

What I’m doing: Actually, this week I was in and out of the hospital dealing with a crazy peritonsular abscess (ie. majorly painful tonsil infection that makes it very hard to drink, eat and talk). It’s frustrating, for someone who works so hard to stay healthy and use natural remedies, but just like when I had this same thing 3 years ago, all the natural remedies in the world (literally- I tried almost everything!) have not helped to keep me out of the hospital.

What I’m focusing on: Gratefulness. Yes, it’s hard to deal with hospital visits, to have the awful procedure it takes to drain this abscess, to barely be able to croak out words to my kids and hubby without excruciating pain, to try to force feed myself through a throat that feels like it’s gone through a cheese grater so that I can keep up my milk supply for my baby, to have to take antibiotics which I try so hard to avoid. I’ve definitely been tempted to cut myself some cheese and wine and have a jolly old pity party.

But instead, I am so thankful. If I lived in so many other parts of the world, and did not have access (or enough money) for proper medical care, this is the kind of infection that could actually take my life. That really puts it into perspective, doesn’t it?

However inconvenient all of this may be, it is also pure blessing. This Christmas, as my throat is finally healing up and all of this is over, I will remember to be so. very. grateful for the medical care that I received.

Why does this need to be said? Because on a blog where we talk so much about taking responsibility for your own health, we don’t always talk about the flip side. That doctors and hospitals and medications are sometimes used to bring God’s healing and blessing. Let’s never become so dogmatic in our views that we refuse to see the good that exists alongside the bad.


Two quick reminders for you all! As Christmas comes oh so close, if you still have a few gifts left on your list:

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What are you thankful for as you approach this Christmas!

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