Before I get into sharing links, here is our family’s Christmas card. Isn’t it beautiful?

It was designed by Angela of Tilley Claire’s, who actually used to be a contributing writer here on Keeper of the Home. These days, you can find her designing gorgeous greeting cards that you can print yourself.

We’ve done a lot of things for cards in previous years, including just choosing one of the basic options from somewhere like Costco or Walmart and sticking a photo in it (knowing that 1/3 of the church will have chosen the same card as us), and we’ve also had more professionally designed cards from an online photo shop (like Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc.) but those are too expensive for my budget, cute as they may be.

I wanted to share with you our cards this year because I think it’s such a great option. You pay about $15-$18 for the front design and you can add on a matching back design for $2 or a fancier custom one for $10 (I added one that let me share our family’s highlights of 2012). Most designs allow multiple photos, I just happened to choose one with only one photo because I was using a collage I had made. You can use these to send digital Christmas cards via email OR you can have these printed if you more old-fashioned, like me.

Isn’t this a great idea? If you’re still figuring out Christmas cards for this year (or want a fresh idea for next year) you can take a look through Angela’s designs in her Etsy shop.

Links I loved this week:

Honey Sweetened GAPS Peanut Butter Cups @ Nourishing Roots (the moment I’m over this flu, I’m making these)

How to Make Button Hair Pins @ A Delightful Home (stocking stuffers for sweet little girls?)

How to Make Champurrado- A Mexican Thick Hot Chocolate @ A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa

Simple solutions for the most complicated time of year @ Simple Mom

How to slow down Christmas @ A Holy Experience (love the idea of planting seeds)

This Season Won’t Come Again {in the Trenches of Toddlerhood–and Preschoolerhood and Babyhood to boot} @ The Humbled Homemaker

Winter Branches and Leaves with Duct Tape @ Nesting Place (easy and beautiful homemade winter decor)

Your Search for the Perfect Chili Recipe is Officially Over @ Red and Honey

Dear Overwhelmed Mother of Littles Ones @ The Marathon Mom

How to take your picture in front of a tornado @ Jon Acuff

This week…

What I’m doing: Making every home remedy under the sun to beat this flu-turned-mega-sore-throat I’ve been battling all week.

What I’ve been making: Cold kicker remedy, anyone?

What I’m wearing: Sweat pants, t-shirt and zip-up sweatshirt. When I’m sick, it’s all about comfort.

What I’m enjoying: Watching my baby boy learn to crawl… army-style. He’s adorable, pulling himself along the ground with those strong, chubby arms.

Have you ordered your Christmas cards yet? And what home remedies have you been making lately?