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Weekend Links {welcome to our newest feature!}


Y’all. I miss you.

As Keeper of the Home grows and changes, we are bringing on delightful new writers [2], not to mention the most a.maz.ing team [3] every to help me run this blog baby of mine.

To keep the home fires burning (or rather, the kids in {mostly} clean clothes, the grammar lessons complete, the chubby baby nursed, the husband loved-on, and proper dinners on the table), I’ve had to scale back on my writing in order to continue to run this site.

Though there is a freedom and release in doing so and knowing that my priorities are in order, there is also a sadness. This community is precious to me and “talking” to you all for the past 5 years has been an incredible privilege.

I still wanted a way to connect with all of you each week. Something that was just me… talking to you… sharing a little bit of my week, my thoughts, my life.

Out of that desire, I came up with adding a new weekly feature that gives me a chance to say “hello!”, share some pictures, a thought, a quote, a story, and also some fabulousness from around the web. Welcome to “Weekend Links”!

Links I loved this week:

All-natural “nutterfingers” candy bars [4] @ The Nourishing Gourmet

What to do with babies while homeschooling [5] @ Simple Homeschool

Thanksgiving entertainment for kids [6] @ The Idea Room (most adorable traced hand “turkey” pictures ever!)

How to get a great family photo (with active kids) [7] @ Kids Activities Blog (where was this post 2 weeks ago, before we attempted Christmas card photos?)

No-Bake Cookie Dough Balls [8] @ Keeper of the Home (I can’t wait to try this recipe that Rachel shared- yum!)

miss lolly dolly… how to [9] @ teawagontales (some very cute girlies may be getting these in their stockings… shhhh)

The power of one less thing [10] @ Nourishing Days

And a new website… Together in Ten: Great Style in a Snap [11] (simple style? for moms, by moms? This is a style site I’ll actually read!)

Giveaway winners

Plus, a few winners to announce, from the Healthy Living eBook Bundle sale that ran last week…

Royal Berkey Water Filtration System from LPC Survival [12] – Linda (oldprostudent@)

Omega VRT350 Juicer [13] – Janice (janlynnricci@)

Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator [14] – Amber (amberachim@)

Congratulations, ladies! You will adore your prizes!


Chubby baby Kepler enjoys a sunshiney walk in the crisp fall air. Sunny days during the West Coast fall = an obligatory trip to the park.

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This week…

What I’m reading: Unglued [17], Grace for the Good Girl [18], Well Fed [19]

What I’m doing: Beginning my Christmas shopping. I’m having way too much fun with the Christmas Gift Guide [20]!

What I’ve been making: Super delicious mushroom and brie cheese omelets. I’m on an omelet kick.

What I’m wearing: Dark blue jeans, a bold turquoise and navy striped top, long earrings with capri blue gems [21], and bare feet. Always bare feet.

What I’m enjoying: My 3 year old’s requests for “snuggle and pfway (pray)?” each time she takes a nap or goes to bed. Sweet, special moments.

Tell me about your week. Let’s catch up a little!