Y’all. I miss you.

As Keeper of the Home grows and changes, we are bringing on delightful new writers, not to mention the most a.maz.ing team every to help me run this blog baby of mine.

To keep the home fires burning (or rather, the kids in {mostly} clean clothes, the grammar lessons complete, the chubby baby nursed, the husband loved-on, and proper dinners on the table), I’ve had to scale back on my writing in order to continue to run this site.

Though there is a freedom and release in doing so and knowing that my priorities are in order, there is also a sadness. This community is precious to me and “talking” to you all for the past 5 years has been an incredible privilege.

I still wanted a way to connect with all of you each week. Something that was just me… talking to you… sharing a little bit of my week, my thoughts, my life.

Out of that desire, I came up with adding a new weekly feature that gives me a chance to say “hello!”, share some pictures, a thought, a quote, a story, and also some fabulousness from around the web. Welcome to “Weekend Links”!

Links I loved this week:

All-natural “nutterfingers” candy bars @ The Nourishing Gourmet

What to do with babies while homeschooling @ Simple Homeschool

Thanksgiving entertainment for kids @ The Idea Room (most adorable traced hand “turkey” pictures ever!)

How to get a great family photo (with active kids) @ Kids Activities Blog (where was this post 2 weeks ago, before we attempted Christmas card photos?)

No-Bake Cookie Dough Balls @ Keeper of the Home (I can’t wait to try this recipe that Rachel shared- yum!)

miss lolly dolly… how to @ teawagontales (some very cute girlies may be getting these in their stockings… shhhh)

The power of one less thing @ Nourishing Days

And a new website… Together in Ten: Great Style in a Snap (simple style? for moms, by moms? This is a style site I’ll actually read!)

Giveaway winners

Plus, a few winners to announce, from the Healthy Living eBook Bundle sale that ran last week…

Royal Berkey Water Filtration System from LPC Survival – Linda (oldprostudent@)

Omega VRT350 Juicer – Janice (janlynnricci@)

Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator – Amber (amberachim@)

Congratulations, ladies! You will adore your prizes!

Chubby baby Kepler enjoys a sunshiney walk in the crisp fall air. Sunny days during the West Coast fall = an obligatory trip to the park.

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This week…

What I’m reading: Unglued, Grace for the Good Girl, Well Fed

What I’m doing: Beginning my Christmas shopping. I’m having way too much fun with the Christmas Gift Guide!

What I’ve been making: Super delicious mushroom and brie cheese omelets. I’m on an omelet kick.

What I’m wearing: Dark blue jeans, a bold turquoise and navy striped top, long earrings with capri blue gems, and bare feet. Always bare feet.

What I’m enjoying: My 3 year old’s requests for “snuggle and pfway (pray)?” each time she takes a nap or goes to bed. Sweet, special moments.

Tell me about your week. Let’s catch up a little!