Day in the Life: Stacy (A Pictorial Look Into the Life of a New-Again Mama)

Written by Stacy Myers, Contributing Writer

Hello! My name is Stacy. My second child, Andrew, was born exactly one month ago yesterday.

I’d love to show you what a typical day looks like around the debt-free Myers household, but we just don’t have any typical days right now. Every day has the goals of: eat, sleep, and doo-doo, with a bunch of fun little extras thrown in there from my 3 year old, Annie. For example, hide in the bathroom and eat all the cookies.

Before Andrew was born, my photographer and friend, Tia, from Sweet T Photography, asked if our family would be willing to be the subjects of a Lifestyle Photography session – she wanted to use us for her portfolio. I was in total agreement! Lifestyle Photography is when a photographer spends the day with your family, documenting the day via photos. You behave as usual and have your photo taken throughout the day as the photographer sees fit.

Andrew James Myers

I’m so pleased with how these turned out! Tia gave me a fabulous gift – she’s captured time for me…and I’ll never forget many of these moments: a sleeping infant, a toddler full of joy and energy…and a tired mama breastfeeding her baby. I’m sure when Annie and Andrew are older they will really enjoy and appreciate all these pictures.

Today I’m sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy them – Tia did an excellent job. And if you have the opportunity to have something similar done for yourself, please do it. You will not regret it.

Since the first photo wasn’t taken immediately when we woke up, let me tell you what you’ve missed by the time you see the first shot: Barry and I have woken. He’s gotten ready for work and I’ve packed his breakfast and lunch for him to take as he runs out the door. I’ve grabbed a quick shower and checked my email for Stacy Makes Cents. Then I climb back in my toasty bed and nurse Andrew…and wait for Annie to wake up.

**Note: Click on the photo you wish to see and it will pop up. You can then scroll through all the pictures by clicking the arrow on the right of the photo.

And then we all sleep. Blessed sleep. :)

Check out Sweet T Photography on Facebook to see more great photos from her – I have one of her still-life photographs hanging in our family room.

What do your days look like after the birth of a new baby?

About Stacy Myers

Stacy is the author of Crock On: A Semi-Whole Foods Slow Cooker Cookbook and a stay-at-home mom to her two children, Annie (3) and Andy (newborn). After an “awakening” in March 2011, her family switched to a more natural, whole foods diet. She likes to blog about how to live on less than you make and how to eat good food while doing it. Her passion is teaching others how to save money and she tag teams with her husband in this endeavor. At Stacy Makes Cents you’ll find information on how to save money in the kitchen, how to have fun with your kids, and how to be thrifty in all areas of life. Her passion is teaching others how to live debt free. Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with her daily antics.

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  1. Alicia Shortt says:

    Simply AMAZING photography! You have a Beautiful and Blessed family and are so organized. Thank you for sharing a day in your life.

  2. Cynthia Combest says:

    I love your pictures. Each one is so beautiful. Please forgive me but I can’t decide which one is my favorite. You are right. Tia is talented.

  3. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing a ‘peek’ of your life with us. So simple, so pure and so beautiful!

  4. Oh I loved this! I also have a newborn (my 4th and 3rd boy in a row!!) I wish I had a series of photos like this. With all the nursing, laundry and lack of sleep I wonder how much I miss each day! What a priceless gift! Enjoy your little prince and princess! They are precious!

  5. Beautiful photos!

  6. I love it. Love it, love it, love it!

  7. I really enjoyed these! Almost makes me want to have a newborn right away! Almost. :)

  8. This is too funny! I just had my fourth baby boy, also named Andrew who was born one month ago today. Funny coincidence :).

  9. SO sweet! Really enjoyed seeing your day in photos. Favorite: “So much for ‘I’m not tired'”

  10. Stacy, Congrats on the little man! I follow your blog daily and I enjoyed seeing your day in pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I really love this, this would be great to do in the future!

  12. Stacy I love it!

  13. Your day does look peaceful! I can’t say my day with newborns goes like that. But this last baby did go better than the others. PPD really makes it hard for me at first.

    WHat beautiful photos!

  14. Stacy, thank you so much for allowing me to be the one to capture this peek into your life and thank you for sharing it! I am honored to have been a part of this project. One day, Annie will be showing these photos to her children and saying, “And that’s how it was when I was your age…”

  15. Mrs. Mom of 6 says:

    Wow, your day in photos looks so peaceful. :) After I have the next baby, (6th), I suspect my day would look VERY different… shots of meltdowns from at least two of my other children (and not the toddler either!), school work being done, two “big” kids cleaning up the kitchen and possibly cooking for me… me nursing, nursing, nursing….diapers, potty training, kids squabbling ALOT…. kids watching TV, so I can relax for a half hour… lol

    • Annie didn’t have any meltdowns that day…but she does usually. :-) But, like Tia told me – those are the moments you want to catch, because they are your REAL day.
      Congratulations on #6!!! :-)

    • That’s what my day sounds like, and I only have 2! (Well, except the nursing part, mine are now 6 and 9). But, Stacy is right, those days will pass and you think you will remember how it was, but those memories do fade. My motto is “It’s funny how, day by day, nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.”

  16. Oh my goodness I love this!! I LOVE Andy Griffith! Do you have these on DVD since you don’t have cable? I love seeing this day in action! Your family is so darn cute :)

  17. I love this post, Stacy!! Your pics make your day look so peaceful. I know you will treasure these forever! I think this is my favorite post from this series! Hope our babies can meet in real life one day! <3

  18. I LOVE this idea. What a beautiful family! And good for you for getting dressed every day (complete with makeup and jewelry). I also feel that goes a long way in making you feel human! :-) I may just be doing this in the near future.

  19. Awesome! My favorite “Day in the Life!” The pictures were great and the images so clearly spoke about what their day was like! Loved it!


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