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An Easy-Peasy Meal Plan for the Pregnant Mom

Posted By Erin O On July 27, 2012 @ 3:00 am In Menu Planning,Pregnancy | Comments Disabled


Do you ever wonder what the writers on Keeper of the Home really eat? Wonder no longer. One writer each month will take a turn to share an actual two-week menu plan. Erin, who is due with her third baby two weeks from today, is sharing an easy meal plan for pregnant moms. Be sure to click back to Natalie’s meal plan [2] from last month!

Written by Erin Odom [3], Contributing Writer

I must confess: When I volunteered to write up the July meal plan a few months back, I was shooting for an easy assignment. I knew I’d be very pregnant with our third child [4] (I’m due two weeks from today!), and how hard would it be to share my next two week’s worth of meals?

Well…if I’m completely honest with you, meal planning has been challenging to me this entire pregnancy [5]! Truly, I’ve really slacked off (and I’m not proud of that!).

I’ve never been and probably never will be a gourmet cook, but I strive to feed my family simple whole foods meals (quite the contrast from my early homemaking days of meals consisting mainly of canned creamed soup casseroles and boxed pasta dishes). Time and time again this pregnancy, I’ve turned to my quick and easy meals list [6] because I honestly just haven’t had the stamina to slave hours away in the kitchen. (And, realistically, what mom of toddlers and preschoolers really does have that time?)


What has helped in my meal planning the most? Stephanie’s Plan It, Don’t Panic [8](both the challenge and the book), using my recently-won List PlanIt [9]membership (the Lord knew I needed that one!) and, even more recently, Plan to Eat [10]. I also try to keep my plans flexible, so I can take advantage of any clearance items at the grocery store [11] if I happen to find them.

So today I’m giving you a two-week plan that is nothing fancy…but it’s real. Most of these meals don’t take very long to prepare, and, really, anyone can make them. For frugality’s sake, I incorporate a lot from our garden in our summer meals [12]. One thing you will not see are soups [13]. My husband does not like soups in the summer (and can I blame him in 90+-degree heat?), so I only serve soups from about October through March.We also do not eat a lot of breads.

Without further ado, here’s an easy-peasy meal plan from a an aspiring gourmet chef very humbled homemaker [14]:


Image by Mycophagia [16]

Week One


  • Breakfast: sausage, scrambled eggs and fruit
  • Lunch: crock pot chicken & quinoa [17] (Crock Pot [18] meals are my favorite for after church…although I admit we’ve eaten out a lot more frequently this pregnancy!)
  • Dinner: leftovers before church Life group






  • Breakfast: thick peanut butter smoothies [32]
  • Lunch: leftovers
  • Dinner: quesadillas (I simply place cooked meat or beans, some shredded cheese and veggies from the garden inside a tortilla [33], fold it in half and cook each side for a few minutes on an oiled skillet.)


  • Breakfast: sausage, scrambled eggs, fruit
  • Lunch: leftover quesadillas
  • Dinner: stir-fry over rice [34]


Image by jugglerpm [36]

Week Two


  • Breakfast: sausage, eggs and fruit
  • Lunch: crock pot stuffed peppers [37]
  • Dinner: leftovers either before or after church Life group







What do your meal plans look like during life seasons like pregnancy?

Top Image by jugglerpm [36]
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