I Found the Toothpaste I’ve Been Searching For (A Review of Earthpaste)

Finding a toothpaste that met all of my requirements hasn’t been easy. I wanted something that:

  • had no fluoride
  • had no toxic ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate
  • had no glycerin (which can coat teeth and interfere with the work that saliva is meant to do to help protect teeth from decay)
  • wasn’t homemade (I know it works very well for many people, and there’s even a popular recipe on this website, but my family hasn’t loved it to this point)
  • aided the remineralization process, actually helping to heal teeth

I thought we would eventually land on a coconut-oil based toothpaste, or perhaps find a tooth soap that my family found acceptable. I wasn’t sure that the remineralizing aspect would happen, nor was I completely confident that I would find a flavor and texture that everyone actually approved of.

About 6 weeks ago, I began to talk with Redmond Trading Company about how we could partner and share their fantastic products. They sent me a box of things to try out, which included their newest addition, Earthpaste.

It honestly seemed too good to be true. I had been learning so much this past year about using bentonite clay, as well as the importance of upping mineral content in our diets in my studies about tooth health. So when I received my toothpaste, I eagerly read the ingredients:

  • Purified Water
  • Food Grade Redmond Clay
  • Xylitol
  • Redmond Real Salt
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Menthol (found in peppermint and wintergreen Earthpaste flavors)
  • Essential Oils (like Cinnamon or Peppermint, depends on flavor)

It sounded perfect.

All that was left was to test it out. I was shocked to hear from every single member of the family that it was a winner. Even my husband. Wow.

I’ll tell you upfront that this is a post that has been sponsored by Redmond. I genuinely love their products and am thrilled to partner with a company whose products I can 100% support. Look forward to more posts on their other products, like real sea salt and their amazing bentonite clay, as well as giveaways to get some of it into your hands as well!

But back to the Earthpaste… let me answer some questions that I’m sure are on your minds.

Will it taste like eating dirt?

This was my hubby’s first question and it’s a valid one. His answer? Surprisingly, it doesn’t!

We were talking about it last night and he said that he gets just a slight clay-ish feel briefly after brushing, but not for long, and not enough to bother him (and I have to tell you, he’s very sensitive to tastes and textures that he doesn’t like– more than most people). I find that after it’s been in my mouth for 30 seconds, I also sense the clay just a bit. You can actually swallow this toothpaste without worry, because there’s nothing harmful in it at all, but I find with a quick water rinse, any hint of clay goes away.

Does it foam up?

Nope. There aren’t any foaming agents like sodium lauryl sulfate in it, nor does it contain any manner of soap.

For most people, this is a different sensation. Many find the initial switch over to a non-foaming natural toothpaste of any sort a big change, because we’ve become convinced that foam = clean. It’s not true. Which leads to the next question…

Will my teeth feel clean?

Yes! Both Ryan and I commented on how clean our teeth feel using Earthpaste. Every bit as clean as with any conventional toothpaste, and in some way I can’t put into words, almost cleaner.

Does it taste good?

We’re currently trying two of the three flavors, Wintergreen and Cinnamon (the other is Peppermint, which I’m eager to try). The Cinnamon is decent tasting, a more mild flavor, and none of us mind using it, but for us, it’s the Wintergreen that sold us. The taste is wonderful and you wouldn’t even know that it’s a clay-based toothpaste. I’m truly impressed at how good they made it taste.

Ryan also said that I should mention the lack of gritty texture. He thought that it might actually feel like brushing his teeth with something sandy or slightly gritty, but the texture is completely smooth and appealing.

Why use clay at all?

Clay is an incredible substance. In the past year, I’ve been really exploring it, for both internal and external purposes. It is particularly helpful for detoxification, as well as for all manner of digestive issues. We’ve also found it indispensable in our “medicine” cabinet, where we make pastes to put on scrapes and cuts, on bug bites or allergic reactions or irritated skin in general.

I’ve been using it in the bath water for our two middle children for about 8 months, for detoxification and to help our youngest daughter’s eczema. I’ve noticed the the eczema is less red and itchy when she takes regular clay baths, and I think it does help our son’s body to stay less toxic (he seems to struggle with eliminating toxins).

Clay also contains a wide array of naturally occurring minerals. Many cultures have historically used clay as a mineral supplement. In Nourishing Traditions, Azomite clay is recommended in the “superfood” section as a way to increase the mineral content of your diet. Our family uses Azomite clay (this link goes to the one that I bought) in our smoothies, and although Bentonite clay (the type that is in Earthpaste) known particularly for its minerals as Azomite is, it certainly does include calcium, magnesium, among other things.

If you want to learn more about clay and its benefits, you can download a free ebook here.

Why include salt?

Redmond says that the sea salt (Redmond’s pure RealSalt brand) is added to enhance flavor, as well as for the antibacterial qualities of salt, which makes sense. I would add that sea salt is also an important source of trace minerals in our diet, and adding trace minerals to a toothpaste is likely to aid in remineralization. I’ll admit, I can’t prove this statement. I just think it’s true.

What about xylitol?

I’m just not sure yet. I’ve heard and read so many good things about xylitol for teeth, but then also not-so-good things about xylitol as a healthy thing to eat. I wish I had a solid answer for you, but my answer is still “I don’t know just yet”.

We’re playing this one conservatively. We spit the toothpaste (even though you don’t need to), and don’t use xylitol as a regular sweetener in our home, although if we want to chew gum, we occasionally use the xylitol kind from the health food store, because pretty much every other type of gum includes aspartame, which is a known neurotoxin adn an absolute no-no in our home.

Is it expensive?

Yes, it is a bit expensive. I won’t lie. Redmond sells it for $7.99 per tube (and so far, not too many of the bigger online or brick-and-mortar stores are carrying it, since it’s so new). I’m used to paying more like $4-$5 for natural toothpaste.

That said, I’m committed to buying Earthpaste once we run out of our review product. For us, using something that I feel is not only safe, but actually helps protect our teeth, is worth the extra few dollars. Repairing cavities is a whole lot more expensive than mildly pricey toothpaste.

Update (from a comment below): When you order from the Redmond website, for a limited time get a 15% discount on your entire order if you order Earthpaste online. (Use coupon code TryEarthpaste.)

Also, if you order $35 or more, you get free shipping.

Edit: Some readers have been asking where to buy it, other than the Redmond site that I linked to. One reader found it at WebVitamins. If you know of anywhere else to buy it, please let us know in the comments! And… it’s now on Amazon, for $4.58 per tube (plus shipping)!

I Found the Toothpaste I've Been Searching For (A Review of Earthpaste) {Keeper of the Home}

What do you think? Clay in toothpaste? What are your requirements for a toothpaste?

Disclosure: Redmond Trading Company provided our family with samples for the purpose of review. This post has been sponsored by Redmond. I only accept sponsored posts for companies and products that I can stand behind 100%. This post is entirely my own personal opinion and I have not been asked to write anything in particular.

About Stephanie Langford

Stephanie Langford has a passion for sharing ideas and information for homemakers who want to make healthy changes in their homes, and carefully steward all that they've been given. She has written three books geared to helping families live more naturally and eat real, whole foods, without being overwhelmed, without going broke and with simple meal planning. She is the creator of Keeper of the Home.

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  1. My concern is the menthol. I’ve heard that this can have adverse effects is used continuously. Anyone else?

  2. Greetings! Sorrry to comment on such and old post. I’ve been trying to find a glycerin free toothpaste for some time. Not because of its coating effects, but because it contributes to tooth sensitivity for those prone to it like me, I’ve been reading about all the folks that like Earthpaste. Do you have any concerns about the tree tea oil ingredient? WebMD seems to suggest it shouldn’t be ingested and should not be used by still developing boys. http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-113-TEA%20TREE%20OIL.aspx?activeIngredientId=113&activeIngredientName=TEA%20TREE%20OIL

    Maybe there’s not enough tea tree oil to worry about it?

  3. Colleen B says:

    I just came across this post when I searched for a review of this product on google. I am looking it up because it is on sale this and next month at Azure Standard for $3.40 for a 4 oz tube (or $3.11 per tube if you buy 12). Looking forward to trying it!!

  4. Ewa Gula says:

    Yay! Keep posting the helpful info. I’m so happy to have found your website. Big smiles :)

  5. I use redmond clay in my homemade toothpaste and I am sure that this manufactured one is excellent though I have not tried it personally.

  6. kimberlee hedges says:

    Hi, this Earthpaste sounds very interesting I think I’m going to give it a try. My kids just went to the dentist and one of them has a mouth full of cavities! I have a question, do you know of any natural remedies for constipation. My 6 year old has had an issue with constipation since he was a baby. I just feel like there has got to be something out there that can help him. Thanks, Kimberlee

  7. After hearing what is in conventional toothpastes, such as glycerin, I looked for a natural toothpaste. I’ve used Tom’s of Main toothpaste, but that actually has glycerin in it too. I’ve wondered throughout the years why my teeth rapidly decayed and became prone to infections despite brushing them and using mouthwash. Now I know the answer. That being said I have switched to earthpaste (my eleven year old niece actually found it for me). I have been using it for the past three days, and I have to say I honestly like it. My teeth feel cleaner and even smoother than they had with conventional toothpastes. I know it’s expensive, but that’s perfectly fine with me.

    I will also be switching to a more natural mouthwash, one without glycerin or other bad chemicals and toxins. I wonder if Redmond sells such a product?

  8. In your opinion, Wintergreen oil, tea tree oil and menthol are ok to use with very small children who will swallow it? I wouldn’t mind my toddler swallowing the clay!

  9. I would like it to be sweetened with stevia instead of alcohol sugar zyletol

  10. I also received the deal with Earthpaste from the Healthy Living ebook bundle and my husband and I LOVE it. I have been considering writing a review about how great this toothpaste is and I was happy to see your posting about it! We have tried the peppermint and cinnamon flavors so far, but are excited to try wintergreen now too. I would say the cinnamon kind of tastes like a cinnamon candle, if that makes any sense. I actually feel like between the cinnamon and the peppermint, I feel the cinnamon cleans my teeth much better. However, I like having peppermint breath more than cinnamon. Also, there is a huge difference when I use my manual (firm bristle) toothbrush compared to when I brush with my Sonicare toothbrush. For some reason, my teeth feel much cleaner with the manual toothbrush. I have always had trouble getting my upper molars completely clean and I have had to wipe the backs of my teeth with Q-tips after each brushing. I know it sounds kind of silly. But with a manual toothbrush and Earthpaste ALL my teeth are squeaky clean! Just thought I’d write if the info could help anyone! I think I will start buying it from Vitacost.com too because it is cheaper there. Thanks so much!

  11. I love Coral White toothpaste, but I will have to check out Earthpaste too! Thanks for the informative post!

  12. I just got the earthpaste from a healthy living bundle and am excited to use it. My kids haven’t been to keen on the DIY toothpastes/powders I have made. Still looking for the right recipe.
    I found it for 4.59 on vitacost.com. That will probably be where we reorder from if we like it.

  13. I bought my first tube of Earthpaste today, have brushed with it twice, and already love it! I bought Peppermint, and the only eight ingredients sold me. My teeth feel clean and it gets rid of bad tastes. I wholly support this product! It will be interesting to see how it holds up long-term.

  14. I too have tried Earthpaste and I love it. I was shocked to taste that it wasn’t disgusting basically. I happened on this review awhile ago and only read as far as the toothpaste & just now read about the red clay. My son suffers from eczema so I think I’ll the the sample a received a try & see what happens. Thanks! :)

  15. Oh I am so glad I happened across this blog post. I really want to try this now! Teeth problems seem to run in my family, and my poor 4 year old is having problems already. We have made a lot of much healthier changes in the past year and toothpaste is one I have been struggling with. I am actually taking her back to the dentist AGAIN this week because her temporary filling fell out (I literally can not remember how many times we have been to the dentist since February and we could have gone on vacation TWICE with what we have spent) I need to go too but I am terrified of how much it will cost. Learning how bad most things are for people these days has been scary, I can understand why some people get overwhelmed and have the “I don’t want to know” or “Everything is bad for you anyways” attitude. But I feel sorry for them because they are not making the changes that will actually help them be healthier. Anyways thanks again and sorry for rambling lol.

  16. Another decent toothpaste is Coral white. Free of everything nasty including soap.
    I am going to try Earthpaste to see if it will finish healing my teeth. Switching to Coral White at the beginning of the year helped quiet a bit but seems to have stalled.

  17. Earthpaste delivers all the benefits you expect from a toothpaste without any chemicals or unnatural additives. It’s toothpaste unlike any other you’ve experienced — you’ll see the difference on your brush and feel the difference in your mouth.

  18. I live in a rural area of Maine, and I purchase most of my natural products at iHerb.com. They have Earthpaste for $5.12. I am going to try it. Thanks!

  19. It should be a good toothpaste, does not have fluoride and soaping agents! Love it!

  20. Thanks ever so much for sharing that discount code. I used it this morning to try some toothpaste and some clay — got free shipping too! Hoping the clay will relieve me of eczema and my youngest son of occasional constipation (he’s two years old). But I am excited about another way to build our health naturally.

  21. I myself am a fan of xylitol, in moderation of course. We alternate the kids’ toothpastes (Spry’s xylitol and Tom’s of Maine kids’) and we have have a few strategic xylitol mints throughout the day. Add in a once-everyday-or-two mouthwash rinse with ACT (I know, most folks on here will be totally against that, I get it), and my 6yo has a cavity that’s started healing up. Was pretty sticky in January, less-sticky in February, and not sticky at all in May, just from those changes. We’ve added in BO/FCLO to the regimen to see if that helps even more by the next dental appointment. Yes, this mommy is totally using her kids as little science experiments (complete with photos!) to see if/how I can get things to work for us.

    Anyway. What xylitol does for my family is stimulate saliva production. So the saliva can get to work helping to remineralize the teeth. I’ve even noticed I need to be careful to space it out otherwise I turn into the amazing spitting-while-talking woman because of all the fun saliva production going on.

  22. Thanks for posting this! I have tried the samples they sent me (they are a very generous company) and I also am sold on the wintergreen flavor. My mouth feels so much better than it ever has with any other natural toothpaste. I have considered buying the clay and making my own as well. I don’t want to mess up a good thing though. I do have one question for you though. Is wintergreen in this way okay during pregnancy? I looked into buying wintergreen oil and got scared when I read it was so dangerous. I am not pregnant now, but I am just wondering about wintergreen during my next pregnancy. Also, is it okay to use the toothpaste with wintergreen for babies/toddlers. My son just got his first 2 teeth and I have just been using water for now. Thanks!

  23. Hello, do you know if babies/infants can use this toothpaste? Thank you.

  24. Theresa says:

    Do you know if it is better for sensitive teeth? We currently use Tom’s of Maine Flouride free. But hubby has thin enamle from brushing too hard.
    Also wanted to mention the sentence about bentonite vs azomite clay seems to be missing the word not or something ;)
    Thanks for a great post!


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