Seven Reasons to Love An Important Kitchen Tool for Healthy Food Prep

Strawberry banana yogurt smoothie with virgin coconut oil, almonds, flax seed and raw honey.

It’s visionary to eat healthy. What we put into our bodies today will, in many ways, determine our health tomorrow. God gave us food to delight us as well as to nourish our bodies, and there is beautiful balance in the natural foods He has provided.

Over the years I’ve tried to feed our children as healthy as possible, knowing that in certain seasons it is less possible than other seasons. For example, after a new baby comes into the house, the spelt pancakes and raisin carrot muffins for breakfast go flying out the door…and in walks the cheerios, raisin bran, and frosted (anybody judging?) shredded wheat.

I have been on serious health food kicks over the years. Probably the worst experience was when we tried to “go raw” for a while.

OK, a week.

My husband put an end to that after the third night of an undefinable, seedy type of casserole followed by a “cheesecake” (his favorite dessert) made with ground nuts.

The recipe said it tasted EXACTLY like the real thing.

My husband said, “NOT”.

One of the frustrating things about trying to eat healthier, whole foods, is that it takes more preparation time, and when you get busy with more and more children, prep time is at a minimum. The other frustrating thing I’ve found is that when I don’t have the right tools, I can’t do the right things, well…right.

Little Davey Boy showing off my Vitamix

Enter the Vitamix.  I’ve made whole grain pancakes and waffles, applesauce, smoothies, crushed ice, chopped onions and carrots, play dough, soups, peanut butter, and chocolate malts.  (Hey…chocolate malts are very good for the soul…if not for the gut.)  I even used my Vitamix to help me go into labor.

How did I live without this machine? I think I will forevermore look upon my life as “pre-Vitamix” and “post-Vitamix”.

“Pre-Vitamix”, I had a friend and her children over for the day. I made some kefir and berry smoothies in my regular style blender. She watched while I painfully wrestled with the blender and the ingredients for 10 full minutes before I finally had something blended well enough to choke down. There was only enough for each person to have a tiny glass. This is why smoothies, while healthy, were not something I would anticipate making…and therefore made only on rare occasions.

And I believe our “going raw” experiment would have been more pleasant and realistic had we owned a Vitamix.

Seven Reasons to Love a Vitamix

1. The size of the container is HUGE. It holds 8 cups worth of whatever you are making. That’s enough for our family of 10 to each have a 6-7 ounce glass, if we are making smoothies. It also holds enough batter to feed our family the number of pancakes/waffles we need…and then some.

2. It is LIGHT. My old blender container, made of thick glass, weighed a TON. This one is so light it makes lifting and pouring easy…even for kids.

3. It blends up smoothies and blender pancake/waffle recipes with any kind of ingredient painlessly. And we’re not just talking bananas, berries and milk here. I can put an entire carrot in there…and it will blend it up with my fruits smooth as silk. In 30 seconds.

This morning I put whole flax seed and almonds in our strawberry banana yogurt smoothie…and it was smooth and creamy rich. With my old blender, virgin coconut oil would never get completely blended into the smoothie. Instead, we could feel the tiny globules of coconut oil in our mouths. (Raw, virgin coconut oil is good for your gut.) But with the Vitamix, I can dump in a big spoonful of the stuff…and it gets completely emulsified in with the rest of the ingredients. In 30 seconds.

I’ve thrown in fresh spinach leaves and avocado…without telling my kids…and it blends up so well, they have no idea those things are in there.

With my old blender, I had zero success with whole grain blender batter recipes that call for blending whole grains in with the other ingredients in one step. With the Vitamix, I can throw in any whole grain to make a pancake or waffle batter that rivals anything we’ve ever tasted in the past. My family loves the pancakes and waffles I make, and I’m able to add flax seed, almonds, just about any ingredients you can imagine.  You can puree baby food in seconds with this machine as well.

Blender waffle batter made with whole grains

4. The lid doesn’t fly off when pureeing hot foods. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had hot, pureed veggies for cream soups splattered all over my ceiling, counter top, and face with my old blender. Not any more. My face is safe, thanks to Vitamix’s unique lid that “locks” into place. Creamy asparagus soup is heaven to make. And even more heavenly to eat. With a clean face.

5. I can weed out several other appliances from my kitchen, thus simplifying life and conserving space. I no longer need my blender, food processor, coffee grinder or grain mill. Yes, if you have the dry container, which is an add on, you can grind coffee beans and mill any kind of whole grain into flour. You can crack whole grains too in order to make hot cereals like oat groats.

I run a soap business where I often need to grind organic herbs into a powder.  Not a problem with my Vitamix.

6. This machine enables me to feed my family more whole foods, more painlessly and pleasantly than any other piece of equipment I have ever owned.

7. A seven year warranty. Free shipping to their repair center and back should your Vitamix need help.

Healthy Saturday morning breakfast!

Isn’t it Just a Glorified Blender That Costs a Mint?

Not everyone can afford a Vitamix. We certainly could not until this year. This post isn’t intended to cause coveting, bitterness or nagging of husbands. However, even when we’ve been quite poor, God has graciously enabled me to creatively figure out ways to acquire tools that I feel are helpful to my homemaking.

So why haven’t I owned a Vitamix before now?

I wasn’t convinced it was necessary.

I thought it was just a glorified blender…and that it would be ridiculous to spend hundreds of dollars on a blender that would do the same thing as the one on sale for $40 at Target. (We’ve been through 4 sub-par, painfully laborious blenders in the past 20 years.)

The Vitamix is so much more than “just a blender”. It is the best way I’ve discovered, thus far, to incorporate healthy, whole foods into my family’s diet.

Save your shekels. Say “no” to other things and save for this one. Ask for money for your birthday and Christmas…and put it aside for a Vitamix. This is how I’ve been able to acquire some of my most beloved, quality homemaking tools.

And just for the record, I am not a Vitamix distributor, nor am I getting paid to write this post! I’m just a satisfied owner.  (I’ve heard Blendtecs are amazing as well!)

Swirl a little cream on top to make a pretty presentation!

Creamy Spring Asparagus and Potato Soup

I want to leave you with one of our favorite and most amazing spring time recipes using delicious, fresh asparagus from the garden…and made in the Vitamix.  This recipe serves 8 hungry people who are looking for something to tantalize their taste buds and fill their stomachs. They won’t even KNOW it’s healthy. (This recipe is adapted from Sue Gregg’s Soups and Muffins cookbook which I highly recommend!)


Creamy Spring Asparagus and Potato Soup
Recipe type: Appetizer
Serves: 8
  • 1 quart chicken broth
  • 2 lbs fresh asparagus (from your garden is best!)
  • A BIG handful of baby spinach (or more!)
  • 3 medium sized potatoes, diced. (And by all means...leave those skins on!!)
  • 1 large sweet vidalia onion, chopped
  • 2 celery stalks, chopped
  • 1 quart warm milk
  • 4 T. butter
  • 2 T. flour
  • 1½ t. salt
  1. Throw the first six ingredients in a stock pot and simmer for 10 minutes.
  2. Puree in your Vitamix or Blendtec, and then pour back into the stock pot.
  3. Now put the warm milk, butter, flour and salt into your Vitamix or Blendtec and whiz away until smooth.
  4. Pour milk mixture into stock pot with soup and stir until hot and thickened.
  5. Serve with warm, crusty bread for lunch. Add a big salad with it for a fabulous dinner.

Do you own a Vitamix or Blendtec machine?  Share what you love about your kitchen tool with the rest of us!

Disclosure: This site is not affiliated with Vitamix or Blendtec, nor was this post sponsored in any way by either company. All opinions are entirely those of the author (well, and maybe this site’s editor, another happy Vitamix owner!). Affiliate links are included within this post, and though you are not obligated to use them, it helps to support this site when you do, so thank you!



About Natalie Klejwa

Natalie is a mother of nine, homemaker, business owner (Apple Valley Natural Soap), and most importantly, a Wemmick loved by the Woodcarver.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I can’t say enough fabulous things about my Blendtec! I have a completely plant-based and gluten-free diet, which would not be possible without my Blendtec. Costco has the best deal, including the extended warranty. Prior to purchasing my Blendtec, I would go through a blender every six months and I wasn’t even using them every day! My Blendtec paid for itself in less than 2 years! It replaces at least 4 appliances, is easy to clean, fast, and doesn’t require much food prep. If you are on the fence, purchase one from Costco and try it for a month. If you aren’t satisfied, take it back.

  2. Drinking fresh fruits and mix it using blender is still a good choice rather than powder juices. To keep our kitchen tools clean and safe bottom mount racks is perfect to store our kitchen tools.

  3. I was wondering which vitamin you have?

  4. My husband surprised me with a Blendtec for our anniversary last year, and I use it every day–sometimes twice or more! I thought, like several commenters above, that my cheap blender did a good enough job, but the Blendtec really makes smoothies a much better consistency than the sludge that my old blender produced. Now my smoothies are light and almost fluffy (that’s weird, but true!), even with tons of vegetables packed in. I’ve done some blender pancakes and a few soups, but mostly I make smoothies.

    For someone above who asked about the Blendtec vs. Vitamix, I chose the Blendtec for a couple of reasons:
    1. I liked the preset buttons on the Blendtec, though I frequently press the smoothie button twice because things get just that much smoother and lighter.
    2. The Blendtec is a bit shorter than the Vitamix, allowing it to fit underneath upper cabinets on the kitchen counter. I knew I would be storing it under a cabinet, so that was important to me.
    3. The Vitamix requires the purchase of a separate canister to grind grains, whereas the Blendtec uses one canister for everything. It saves about $100, if you plan on grinding grain.

    The Blendtec does not have a locking lid, but that hasn’t been an issue for me. If you make a lot of hot soups, it may be something that will matter more to you.

    Also, I thought I might get rid of my Cuisinart food processor once I got the Blendtec, but I still use it several times a week for making pie dough, biscuits, shortbread, etc; as well as for shredding things like cheese and carrots. I have a ton of appliances, but I use them all on a regular basis and love them all!

  5. Susanne says:

    For those who can’t afford the VItamix for now, we have LOVED our $99 Ninja. It does so many things well, that our regular blenders never could. I have never ground wheat, and Kale won’t completely disappear in a green smoothy, but all in all it is a tremendous machine!! We have just the Ninja blender, not the multi-thing.

  6. Jacquie Snell says:

    I have been debating on which one to get. Can the blendtec grind wheat berries as well as the vitamix? Thanks for helping remember to save!

  7. Christianna Kenley says:

    I love my blendtec. I push a button and walk away. Had a vitamix and like my blendtec much more. Got great deal from Costco. The wildside jar is a must have. I use the soup and smoothie buttons all the time and the batters button. Love it!

  8. im currently debating on whether to purchase a blend tec or vitamix. Anyone have any thoughts which is best and why?

  9. i want a vitamix! i have been waiting for my blender to die, since it does pretty well, and to save up enough $… i have also been keeping an eye on them on craig’s list. i was already convinced i wanted one before your post, but your post was very convincing as well!

  10. We’re preparing to move to Africa as missionaries and I wanted to get a Vitamix for using over there. I saved up and just purchased a used one recently! Although I already had a good Bosch blender, this is way above in quality! :). I’m also very impressed at their customer service. The remaining warranty was transferred to my name no problem! Then my 1yr old put a penny in there while making smoothies. It broke a part and cost only $20, incl shipping, to buy a new one! Comes with the tool needed to replace it! I am very impressed. :)

  11. I have been toying with getting one of these! I hate trying to make smoothies in my blender, it doesn’t blend anything!! It’s a pain!

    I really need to save up the money for one! Thanks for this post, my husband won’t be so thankful though ;)

  12. Gayle Spears says:

    My Vitamix is the one thing I wouldn’t want to be without, also! …still going strong after more that 25 years! I’ve used it almost daily for all that time and have never even had a repair bill! It came with a metal container and years later I added the lightweight plastic container and liked it even better.


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