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Basic Necessities for a New Baby


Written by Natalie Klejwa, Contributing Writer

I’m not a child expert or anything. I’ve had a few babies. I’ve learned over the years that there is a lot of paraphernalia out there you could purchase or register for to get ready for your new family member, but most of it is completely unnecessary and a total waste of money.

This is my list of the good stuff that I have not regretted purchasing, and some of it I have only recently discovered. I wish I had read a list like this when I was starting out. I’m certain it would have saved me money, headache, and clutter.

Getting Ready for Mama

You need a few things to get through those first few weeks of nurturing a newborn! Here are the basic necessities for Mama:

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Getting Ready For Baby

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Planning for a Growing Baby

While there are countless other fun looking, necessary sounding gizmos and gadgets all designed to collect your money and supposedly bring you and your baby happiness, I’ve found these to be the indispensable items that we use on a daily basis in our home.

You may have noticed a lot of things…like baby bathtubs and baby towels, bumbo seats and nursing pillows…are missing.  I’ve just found those to be more of a hassle than a help, and storing all the equipment can be tricky if you live in a small space.

Keep it simple on your budget, your storage space, and your sanity, and just enjoy that miraculous bundle of sweetness straight from heaven!

What are your “necessities” for a new baby?

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