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On Things That Bring Me to a Complete Loss For Words

Words. I’m usually full of them. As I write this post, however, I am entirely lacking in the right ones that will tell you what I want to say. In fact, my usually steady heart now beats frantically with panic at the sheer weight of responsibility hangs heavy over me as I contemplate what is to come… In 3 months time, I will be headed on a plane to the Philippines with a team of bloggers with Compassion International. So many words cloud my thinking and yet […]

Recipe: Grain-Free Dehydrated Apple Pie, Sweetened with Molasses

Written by Shannon, Contributing Writer It seems like so long ago now, but the apples I used to make this pie were picked from my father’s apple tree during our visit in August. It was the last day of our week long visit, so full of wonderful memories of seeing my father carry my sons on the same shoulders I once rode upon and the meeting of my brother’s first baby. That bittersweet day that ended our vacation also saw bags upon bags of apples […]

Getting Back Into a Routine When You’ve Gotten Off Track

Here’s how it usually happens: We go through a busy or hard season of life and I get off track of my usual routines, become disorganized, and things feel generally chaotic. So, I spend time putting together an elaborate routine, making all these amazing plans of how I will be more on the ball, more disciplined, more structured, and I will get our home, kids and myself back on track. Anyone want to guess what happens mere weeks (or even days) after I try to […]

The Thoughtful Parent’s Guide to Thinking Through Vaccinations

Guest Post by Christina It’s one of the big questions new parents face today, once you’ve gotten past “were you trying to get pregnant?” (which I still can’t believe people ask…) and the less invasive “did you do it all-natural?” “are you going to breast-feed?” and even “are you using cloth-diapers?” The question with a capital Q seems to be “are you going to vaccinate?” The stakes are pretty high, or so both sides claim. Everyone says my child’s life is at risk if I […]

Hamburger Soup: Hearty, Seasonal, GAPS Friendly

There’s something about the heartiness of this soup that makes it feel like such nourishing comfort food to me. Packed with seasonal winter veggies (onions, carrots, turnips, celeriac) and grass-fed beef, this is a meal that truly satisfies, even without grains on the side. Quite sadly, soup lovers do not inhabit our home (other than my lone self). It takes real creativity on my part to come up with soups that I can serve more than once without hearing, “We’re having soup again?”. This soup went […]

Giveaway Week: Berkey Light Water Filter ($209 value)!

Drinking pure water is a pretty hot topic these days. Once the public began to be aware of the toxins in regular tap water, the bottled water industry absolutely boomed in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Greener and more sustainable living has slowly moved to the forefront, with the introduction of stainless steel and BPA-free water bottles, to replace plastic bottled water, and in-home water filtration systems gained popularity over having jugs of purified water delivered to your home. What’s So Bad About Tap Water […]

Giveaway Week: 2 Nights at Hampton Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast

I love eating out, getting away on vacation and staying in beautiful hotels or Bed & Breakfast inns. It’s always such a treat. One thing that I don’t love, though, is knowing that I am eating foods I wouldn’t normally choose to eat at home, and contributing to more wasteful and less sustainable ways of doing things. Imagine my delight when I heard that my sweet friend Michele and her husband Calvin would be opening Hampton Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast with a focus on simplicity, sustainability, […]

Giveaway Week: Living Clay Package from Nature’s Cleansing Clay

I first heard about the strange and curious practice of eating clay by reading Nourishing Traditions. The idea was absolutely foreign to me, but intrigued me as I had been learning more about trace minerals and the important part that they play in our health. It was still a good two years before I finally went ahead and purchased the recommend Azomite clay for it’s high mineral content. Shortly afterwards, I began reading about the benefits of Bentonite Clay, not for nutrients necessarily, but rather […]