Am I the only one who has begun a pregnancy with a super-nutritious daily checklist of foods to eat posted on my fridge? 2 servings of orange fruits or veggies, 2 servings of green veggies, 4 servings of dairy, 100 grams of protein.

It was with the very best intentions that I made just such a list (but far longer than the version above!) during my first pregnancy. I was determined to eat only the most excellent foods to nurture my sweet baby and myself during those 9 months. The idea was to ensure a varied and nutrient-dense selection of foods, making every bite count and meeting all of the minimum requirements (and then some).

The problem with my approach was that life happens. First trimester is not exactly a time when most mamas find it easy to meet any pre-determined eating requirements. Getting food down is accomplishment enough most days. Even later in pregnancy when nausea subsides and appetite returns, it’s difficult to force yourself to eat according to such a rigid checklist. You spend the day out with friends, you get the flu, you just really want to have pizza instead of chicken pot pie with salad.

As a mom who has been there 3 times myself, I’m really excited to recommend this new ebook to you, guaranteed to make pregnancy nutrition a whole lot simpler! Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods is intended to make it easy to get all those oh-so-important nutrients for both baby and yourself, minus all the stress and checklists. I wish I had read this back when that first stick turned blue, and I could have kissed my “checking-it-off” days good-bye.

I asked Kate, the author of Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods, to introduce it to you. Here’s what she had to say:

“If you have ever read a book about pregnancy nutrition, you know how confusing it can be. There are several different sources out there about what to eat, what to avoid, how much you need of certain foods, etc. Lots of books have charts on particular nutrients, food groups, foods that belong to multiple groups, etc. To follow these types of plans, you pretty much need a spreadsheet tacked to your fridge telling you exactly what to eat everyday! For many women, this just becomes too much and they abandon the idea of a perfect diet altogether.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can eat well without worrying about so much information. In Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods, you have only two rules: 1) Don’t eat junk food, and 2) Eat super foods. The super foods were chosen because each has so many different nutrients. Each fulfills several requirements everyday. But you don’t even need to worry about that. If you fill your diet with super foods, even if morning sickness forces you to limit to only a few, you’ll get what you need without stress.

This book also contains 31 delicious recipes that use several super foods each, for optimal and tasty nutrition! There’s even a section on “Sneaky Ways to Eat Super Foods,” just in case there are some you just don’t think you can take. If you’re looking for the simplest possible method of pregnancy nutrition, this book is it.

Not pregnant? We could all use more super foods in our diet, and these recipes are delicious and family-friendly!”

Want to win a copy for yourself? I have 6 copies of Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods to give away!

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