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Cutting Down on Sugar: 21 Ways to Eat Less Sugar


We’ve all agreed that we tend to eat too much sugar, that we crave it [2], and that we want to learn to eat less of it (or even none at all- don’t miss tomorrow’s post!).

So here’s the really challenging part… how do we do that, practically speaking?

There is a lot of information out there about the dangers of sugar, it’s effect on our bodies, and much more. For these posts, I purposefully chose not to get all educational on you, and instead, focus on real, everyday ideas and solutions!

(But, do look at the bottom of the post for more educational resources and links)

21 Ways to Eat Less Sugar


Image by yogma [4]

Use Better Sweeteners

These are just a few of the alternative sweeteners out there. For a more thorough overview of natural sweetener options, see this post from The Nourishing Gourmet [9].


Image by Siona Watson [11]

Replacing Sweets with Healthier Treats

Use Less Sugar in General


Image by Matthew F [15]

Dealing with Social Situations and Celebrations

Will Power and Mind Games :)

Further Resources:

At Tiffany’s Table– This is a book I got this spring, trading my Real Food on a Real Budget [16] for a copy of Tiffany Perez’ wonderful real food cookbook [17]. She avoids regular sugar, share tips for going sugar-free (some of which inspired me for this post), and many, many recipes to help you along the way.

Beyond Sugar– From GNOWFGLINS, this was part of a series last year. Overcoming the Withdrawal Symptoms of Going Without Sugar [18] and Snack Ideas [19] are both helpful posts to read.

Use Less Refined Sugar [20] and Get the Refined Sugar Out [21]– Both from @ Kitchen Stewardship’s series Get the Junk Out [22]!

Naturally Knocked Up– Donielle’s recent video, Sugar is the S Word [23], and she also did a Sugar Detox Challenge [24] a while back. She also has a few of her own thoughts on dealing with sugar cravings [25].

What helps you to eat less sugar?