Are you one of the countless women who has suffered from infertility or miscarriages, and is looking for natural help with conceiving or carrying a baby to term?

Or are you currently pregnant or planning for future children, and wanting to know how to best prepare your body and give your baby the very best chance of a healthy start?

For women in either situation, I am so excited to announce to you that my dear blogging friend, Donielle of Naturally Knocked Up, has created an incredible resource for you, the Naturally Knocked Up Ecourse!

Personally, I fall into both categories. I have struggled with infertility due to a very common disorder known as PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome), which involves disrupted hormone levels, infrequent or non-existent ovulation, and many other nasty side effects and long term risks. You may be particularly surprised to know this about me because I am the blessed mother of 3 beautiful children, and we hope to have many more children still!

About 8 years ago, my journey to better health through real food nutrition and natural living began. Since that time, my health has done a 180 degree turn around. My weight has stabilized, many health problems have disappeared, my cycles have gradually regulated more and more, and I have been able to conceive and carry to term my precious children.

How This Course Came About

Donielle’s story is not so different from mine. She also suffered from the effects of PCOS, which resulted in infertility, and catapulted her into a journey of studying how to regulate her body and regain her fertility through food and lifestyle. Last year she was blessed with her second child, a healthy baby girl.

Her own experience pushed her to create the blog Naturally Knocked Up, where she shares her research in order to help others increase the odds of conception through natural living and nourishing foods.

Her eCourse is an extension of her blog. She wanted a way to help women delve even more deeply into the issues that she was learning and writing about, and to walk alongside them as they made these changes which would improve their health and their fertility.

She also has a passion to help women learn to prepare their bodies to be able to nourish their little ones in utero, so that they could be given the best possible opportunity to be born with abundant good health and free of many of the common diseases, disorders and challenges that the general population of children face today.

What the Naturally Knocked Up Ecourse is All About:

It’s time to become empowered and reclaim your natural fertility and have truly healthy babies.

This one-of-a-kind 12 week multi media course will be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise depressing world of unfortunate statistics. With these classes you will learn:

  • How to cleanse your body of toxins
  • Why common products you use may be contributing to your infertility
  • What exercises can help you prepare your body for conception and pregnancy
  • How to pin point ovulation
  • What to eat…..and what not to eat
  • Alternative treatments for infertility

But most importantly you will learn how to conceive and go on to have a healthy pregnancy and a truly healthy baby!

The course will include text files with valuable information that you will want to go back to again and again, including worksheets to help you make the most of what you are learning. There will also be podcasts about each weekly topic as well as video tutorials so that you can see some of these things in action!

You can learn more about the course in detail and see a preview of what each week will entail here!

Would you like to win free enrollment into this amazing eCourse???

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For those who don’t want to wait, you can enroll today for only $96.00 (a cost of $8 per course), or in 3 installments of $40! If you happen to win the course through my giveaway, Donielle will gladly refund your course payment. :)

Even better, from now until July 3rd, my readers can get an extra $26.00 off the course by using the code “KEEPERHOME”. That makes the course only $70!

You should also know that when you enroll you will be a LIFETIME member, which means that you will always have access to the course materials for reference, as well as to the member’s only forum. Also, a portion of the profits go to some of Donielle’s favorite non-profit causes, which is a beautiful way to give back!

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