Video Blog: How to Wash Your Face Using the Oil Cleansing Method

Back by popular demand, my second vlog! This time it’s on how to use the Oil Cleansing Method for keeping your face beautiful and clear!

I’ll show you how I mix up the oils that I use (castor oil and extra virgin olive oil), in what ratio I use them, and then give a bit of a demo of the actual washing process:

Want to learn more about the Oil Cleansing Method?

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What do you use to clean your face? Any other Oil Cleansing gals out there?

Top image by Smabs Sputzer

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  1. I work in the skincare industry and just recently decided to experiment on the side with oil cleansing. I have been using coconut oil and castor oil because of the fatty acid dynamic that boosts skin health. I decided to eyeball it like you, Stephanie. However I mix up a batch with every cleanse. Just a baby teaspoon of coconut oil and a drip of castor oil as my face is turning drier in general. I also have sun damage that I have watched get stronger in hyperpigmentation and fine lines increase (this is over the past few years, not since oil cleansing.) My first impression was much like the results I achieve in the treatment room of my job (work at a spa as and esthetician). It’s been a week or so and I’m noticing my skin pills up afterward. Not sure if this is an attempt at exfoliation on my skin’s part and I’m not eager to stop the pilling. It may be and adjustment my skin’s going through on its own that would be very exciting to report later, if the pilling is really peeling and not just a result of excessive dryness from too much heat in the towel. Bottom line, the jury is out right now. I do have a long history of success with professional skin products, which is why I say the jury’s out. I do believe that our skin was programmed to slough itself if we would just get out of the way and I agree that industries like the one I work in can get too worked up into what I call “franken facials” but if after a month or so of oil cleansing, I don’t see an improvement, I’ll have to reevaluate. I can say with certainty, that coconut oil applied to my lids at night to remove my mascara has yielded a crop of new lashes that I thought were gone forever! Oil cleansing may be just the ticket to regrow lashes because of the intense hydrating feature of the oil. This actually spurred me on to try oil cleansing for the face.

  2. I have been using the oil cleansing method for over 2 years now. I use varying amounts of castor oil to EVOO depending on the season. The problem that I had was those dry areas on the sides of my nose and forehead. Strange, to think of dry, peeling skin when you are using oil on your face, but I found the solution: exfoliating with…sugar. The oil doesn’t dissolve the sugar, and it really works well. I read a blog somewhere where someone explained why sugar is good for your skin, but can’t remember where. That makes it good for something!

  3. I’ve been using this method for a few months now, and I love it! My skin looks brighter, clearer and younger too! I had combination dry/oily skin, now my skin is just dewy and perfectly balanced. My make-up lasts longer too! My guess is because I am no longer wiping excess grease off my face throughout the day. I use a 1:1 ratio olive and castor oil, plus I add a little vitamin E oil, and tea tree oil. The tee tree oil makes this smell wonderful. I do this in the shower. I put it on my face then do other things like washing and shaving. Lastly I just turn up the water temp and put my face under the water while I scrub/wipe with my washcloth. Easy, cheap, and great results!

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