I am so excited to introduce my newest book to you!

Real Food on a Real Budget has been a bit like having two babies in one year… first, we welcomed Johanna into our family this August. Within a week of her birth, while being told “sit down, rest, stop getting up!” by my loving hubby and midwife, I launched into writing this book.

Just about 9 months later, after much brainstorming, countless hours spent writing (and deleting and then writing again), many late nights and much anticipation, my labor of love is finally finished…

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Why I Wrote This Book

As I was brainstorming in those early days, I was trying to think of what would be the most relevant topic I could write on, but it had to be a topic that I knew intimately. In both the USA and Canada, families everywhere have been experiencing the effects of recession and financial struggle. For many families, budget constraints and figuring out how they can save money are of the utmost priority.

I understand this well. 5 years ago, we were living on a minimum wage salary with a new baby. In recent years where we have lived very frugally in order to save up to start our own family business, as our young family continued to grow. This year we are in the process of starting that business, which takes a whole lot of patience and willingness to go without, as you pour every bit of profit back into building up the business.

We have always had a tight grocery budget. We spend 30% less on food than the average family.

And yet, day in and day out, I blog about whole foods, better nutrition, Nourishing Traditions, and tell you that you should be buying higher quality meat, and raw milk, and organics, and so on. How can we afford to eat like this when we’re always pinching pennies and watching the budget so closely?

Real Food on a Real Budget is a primer for real families, just like yours, to show you how it is possible to eat real food without spending a fortune.

I am not only passionate about teaching better nutrition and what you should be eating. I wanted to create something that you help enable you to learn how you can actually afford to do this. I believe strongly that healthy living should be accessible and affordable for everyone!


Want to Learn More About the Book?

For a much more detailed explanation of the book, including a brief preview that you can download to take a little peak inside, please visit the promo page:

Learn more about Real Food on a Real Budget

A Few Thank You’s

No one ever writes a book alone. If they do, I don’t know how they do it!

I am so grateful to the Lord for allowing me to write this book. I am continually amazed and humbled that He has given me the opportunity to run this blog, to know the incredible women who visit here, and to work at something that I love so much, getting to share my beliefs and passions and hopefully encourage women and families. This is all from Him and for Him.

Without my husband, this book would not exist. Literally. You know the phrase, “behind every great man there is an even greater woman”? The opposite is true in our family! He makes sure I get time to write. He encourages me to keep going. He tells me (lovingly) when what I wrote stinks and needs to be re-written, and then beams at me with pride in his eyes when I come back to him with something better. He worked tirelessly to edit and format and prepare this book so that it would be as perfect as possible when you rest your eyes upon it. Thank you, my love!

To my kids, for being gracious when mommy had to work. I love you all like crazy. Abbie, that date with mommy is coming this week, you just wait!

To my incredible designer, Karla Porter of Fruition Designs. I gave her a few vague ideas for this book cover, but I was fairly directionless. The cover you see is the very first draft of what she sent to me. Perfect from the start! I love it, Karla! Thank you!

To my dear friend Jessica, who loves to correct my grammar and tell me I used “it’s” the wrong way. :) Thank you for the amazing grasp of the English language that you brought to my book, and for letting me repay in friendship.

To all those who read and reviewed the initial copy- too many to mention, but all of you real foodies and bloggers know who you are. Your feedback was so valuable for me.

Lastly, to my readers, who gave me grace when the book took 4 months longer than I thought it would and just kept gently asking, “Are you still writing that book?” Last night, my husband and I were praying for you all, that this book would impact you and your families, helping you to better steward both your health and your finances, to bring glory to God. I appreciate you all so much!

An Introductory Special

Because I want to see as many people as possible get this book, I’m running a launch week special on it!

The book will regularly sell for $24.95 (digital copy) or $29.95 plus shipping (paperback copy). As a 280-page book, bursting at the seams with tips and ideas to revolutionize your grocery budget and how you feed your family, it’s well worth it.

By implementing just a few of the suggestions from the book, you could easily save the cost of the book in one month, or even one shopping trip. If you really put it’s suggestions into practice, you should expect to save literally $100s and possibly much more over the course of a year, or start purchasing all the “expensive” real foods you want to serve your family, without a jump in your budget.

For this week, though, I’m offering it at a 25% discount…

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I hope you love it and that it transforms what you eat and how much you spend!