Homemade One-Size Cloth Diaper Pattern and Wipes Recipe

Angela Beery, has created her own pattern for making a homemade, one-size cloth diaper and it looks excellent! Making your own diapers is a wonderful way to use up extra material, and to make diapers that are extremely frugal as well.

Here’s a look at the diaper:

Diaper front (size small)

Diaper front (size small)

Diaper front (size large)

Diaper front (size large)

Diaper side (size small)

Diaper side (size small)

Diaper back

Diaper back

Want to try making this diaper yourself? Here’s what you’ll need:

Diaper Pattern – This is the printable pattern, with tracers for your fabric pieces.

Tiny Tooshie – These are the written instructions for putting together your own “Tiny Tooshie” diaper. One thing to note is that there is an option of either keeping these as simple cloth diapers, which you would put a cover over OR the other option is to use a waterproof fabric on the outside to make them all-in-one diapers.

Note- to download these files, click on the link once. On the page that it brings you to, click on the 2nd link.

Angela’s Cloth Wipes “Recipe”

1.) Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

2.) Soak baby washcloths or other soft cloth in mixture and place in wipes holder. Do not wring out completely. The wipes holder will keep wipes moist until ready for use.

Want more information on cloth diapering but aren’t sure where to get started? Checkout Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert, a 200+-page eBook full of useful advice about how to get started cloth diapering!

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About Angela Beery

Angela Beery, former So-Cal city girl and world traveler fully embraces her simple, yet abundant, life in a small town at the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. She and her husband love serving the Lord with The Salvation Army - Angela, as a volunteer and her husband as a youth and music pastor. When not chasing around her 18 month old daughter, Angela enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking low-fat meals and crafting of every kind. You can read more about her journey as a homemaker at her blog, Domestic Godliness.

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  1. I can’t open the instructions. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Kristen says:

      I was having the same issue so I right clicked and said “open in a new tab” and it downloaded right away. Hope this helps!

  2. Hello,

    I’m due any day now, so I don’t have a whole lot of time left to make the diapers, and the problem is that I have Safari, and the pattern won’t download (it says that Safari is not supported). I was wondering if you might be able to e-mail me the pattern, please? I searched the net for hours, and came across many, many patterns, but by the description, you are by far the best.
    I would REALLY appreciate your help!
    Thank you!

  3. Completed my first one today and after a few machine errors it was smooth sailing. Thanks for the pattern & recipe! Very easy to understand!

  4. I have made this diaper and think it would be helpful to indicate where to start and stop the elastic on the legs and back of the diaper. I also thought it would be even more cost effective (and simple) to use safety pins rather than snaps to adjust the length. After all, we use diaper pins to fasten the diaper around the baby’s waist. I plan on trying the safety pin idea very soon.

  5. Sarah T says:

    DID your metal snaps rust? I have a ton of old metal sew on ones- if they didn’t rust then YEAH!!!, I can spend even less on making my own diapers!! ;)

  6. Sarah T says:

    This pattern sounds great! Just wanted to add a few tips from my experience ( I have a tiny bit of experience after cloth diapering 5 so far :) I made some one sz pockets ( not this pattern though) to use with # 4 &5 ( both in diapers at the same time) I used flannel backed vinyl table cloth for the water prof layer, but it didn’t hold up to well, only lasted about 6 to 8 months and the flannel started comming apart then the vinyl got little tears in it- LEAKY ahhhh! Also I made some with drapery backing for the water prof layer and it has held up VERY good,thought they will leak a bit when soaked , they do hold it in for a while, so this busy momma has to make sure diapers get changed a bit sooner! ;) At night I put plastic pants ( which I already had) over them, or a wool soaker( made from an old sweater). So now I am needing more diapers, and I have been picking up changing pads and /or mattress covers ( the kind made out of sandwich PUL)at thrift stores and I plan to use them to make my water prof layer. We’ll see how that works!

  7. The: Make Your Own Cloth Pads!
    gets a re-direct from my McAfee site warning adviser, just to let you know. Can you give me the actual link?

  8. Hi there. I just printed your pattern, but am not able to open the file for the tiny tooshies instructions. I don’t know what type of file it is, but I have Windows 7 and it won’t open. It keeps trying to put it in a Works Processor file and that won’t work either. Help please.
    God bless.

  9. i made the wipes solution in my blender and it became a frothy mess! i used dr. bronner’s. any advice? it obviously won’t pour into my spray bottles…

  10. your blog is so good……

  11. Erin Jurnove says:

    Thanks for the wipes solution recipe! I love the concept of soaked fabric wipes instead of using a sprayer for the solution and am about to try it!

    Can we wash the soaked wipes together with pocket diapers without effecting the cloth diapers’ performance?

  12. Adorable! I, too, have been experimenting with making diapers. I went a little overboard with bamboo velour, hemp terry, and polyurethane laminate (PUL) – and I tried Velcro, snaps, and a variety of elastics, all-in-one, pocket liners, and separate liners. In the end, my daughter (now pregnant w/their 2nd :) ) & I liked a pocket design w/removable liners (quicker to dry), simple elastic, and snaps. We compared a lot of patterns but ended up just kind of winging it – and the baby liked them just fine! I posted some notes & pictures on my website. Also – great idea on the homemade wipes. These things all add up & also in our landfills. Very nice to see so many young moms going back to the way we did it. Great website!
    .-= Blythe´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  13. how much fabric would you say you needed to make one of these diapers? Or how many could you get out of a meter, do you think? I’d like to use a combo of this and another diaper pattern I like to make stuffable one-size cloth diapers with PUL&flannelette. I can figure out the liner/insert myself but it’s the diaper itself I’m wondering about. I’ll be ordering online from wazoodle.com so to save on shipping it would be awesome if I could make a good estimate of how much I’ll need…
    .-= lorchick @ ON{thelaundry}LINE´s last blog ..want blog layouts? =-.

  14. I use California Baby wash in my diaper solution and it already has lavender in it – I love the way it makes it smell! Great pattern – can’t wait to try!
    .-= Katie Crocker´s last blog ..Hiatus… =-.

  15. I use a wipes recipe very similar to this and put it in a foaming pump dispenser. Then I just put a pump of foam on my baby’s bum and wipe with a wet flannel wipe. It works great…better than any other wipe out there! My older kids love the job of pumping the foam :)
    .-= Krista´s last blog ..Protein Bars =-.

  16. I love making cloth diapers too, then you can tweak the patterns a little to make them just how you like them. Right now for my toddler I like pocket fitteds so I can stuff them with as much as I want, but they still come apart to wash well.
    .-= Cara @ Health Home and Happiness´s last blog ..Almond Apple Pancakes (SCD, GAPS, gluten free, dairy free) =-.

  17. yeah, the instruction link isn’t working for me either….I’ll come back and try it again later. Thanks for posting!

  18. The link isn’t working for me either. I look forward to making these some day!
    Thanks :)

  19. Sewing diapers is super fun! I love looking at all the different patterns out there. I’ve made all mine, it really is a huge money saver. I recommend making them waterproof. (And if anyone is interested in a pattern for a pocket diaper, I have one available for free.)

    • i am so interested in your pocket diaper also what fabric do you use to make them waterproof im having a hard time finding any please help! @Kate,

    • I would like to make my grandson some homemade diapers, and I would love to have a pattern. thank you so much, nana

  20. I don’t know whether it is just me but the Tiny tooshie link doesn’t seem to work.
    Thank you for this pattern though, can’t wait to have a go.

  21. We’re expecting baby #4 this summer and have decided to cloth diaper. I figured there had to be a pattern somewhere to make my own, I just hadn’t looked into it yet. Thanks!

    I am curious, though, what fabric works best? I think it would be fun to atleast try and make one (not sure if I can make it functional! :)

    Can’t wait to try the cloth wipe “recipe”, either!
    .-= Phoebe @ GettingFreedom´s last blog ..Stocking the Freezer with OAMC =-.

  22. Great! I bookmarked this for when the time comes. :) The fabric is so cute too!
    .-= Mrs. Money´s last blog ..How Much Money are we Spending? =-.

  23. Love this, thank you! I have yet to see a homemade version of a one-size, SO helpful!!
    Sarah M
    .-= Sarah M´s last blog ..All The Things We Like to Do: Winter Version =-.