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Winner of Choice Organic Teas

Thank you so much to everyone who filled out the survey (and my hubby’s survey). The results were so helpful to me, as I make decisions about my direction with Keeper of the Home! And the winner of a package of delectable, herbal teas from Choice Organic Teas is: Deborah (dlsloniger@) Congrats! Just email me with your address and you will soon be sipping on some warm, herbal tea goodness. Have you signed up yet? I should also remind you that there is less than […]

Organization in the Real Food Kitchen: Ferments Everywhere

“Hi, my name is Stephanie and I have a problem. I’m addicted to fermenting, culturing and soaking foods and they’re taking over my kitchen! Help!” Having a lot of cultured, soaked, sprouted and lacto-fermented foods around is a wonderful problem to have since these are incredibly nutritious and beneficial to consume. Sometimes, though, it can get a little bit challenging to find a place for everything that I want to store in my kitchen. Two things to consider when deciding what to do with all […]

Taking the Mystery Out of Creme Fraiche (What It Is and How to Make It)

I love to say it. Creme Fraiche (pronounced “crem fresh”). There’s something so gourmet and cultured sounding about it (no pun intended!), and yet it is one of the simplest types of cultured dairy that you can make. Basically, creme fraiche is cultured cream. It’s that simple. For some reason I held off trying it out for a long time. I was so happy to discover that creme fraiche is actually ridiculously easy to make. After I tried it for the first time, I couldn’t […]

My Experience at Blissdom ’10

I went into my time at Blissdom ’10 not knowing quite what to expect and more than a little nervous. I was one of the only bloggers going from my niche and I wasn’t sure who I would connect with, what I would learn and whether the whole thing would be worth it or not. Particularly since I had only recently been contemplating how long I would even continue to blog for. And the verdict? I am so glad I went! The incredible women I […]

A Call for Contributing Writers and a (Brief) Reader Survey

**Quick note to all who have emailed/will email me regarding becoming a contributing writer- due to the incredible response I’ve received so far, it might take me until more like early next week, rather than only a day or two as I had originally thought to respond!** Since returning from Blissdom, my head continues to absolutely swirl with thoughts and ideas. A couple of really good things that came out of the conference for me were a truly renewed desire to be a better blogger […]

A Simple Plan for Healthy Food: The GNOWFGLINS Fundamentals eCourse

Edit: Wardeh just sent me a link to watch a video sneak peak! Learn how to make Soaked Muffins and get a feel for what this eCourse will be like. Let Wardeh show you how to make soaked muffins! Image by Elena Ho All those who read Nourishing Traditions for the first time and felt entirely overwhelmed, raise your hand! (Yes, that’s my hand raised along with all of yours!) If there’s one thing that I hear over and over again from the women that […]

Real Food Bloggers Face-Off

I’m home from Blissdom… completely exhausted (but it was worth it), brain absolutely buzzing with ideas and inspiration for my blog, and absolutely thrilled to be back together with my family whom I adore. I promise that just as soon as I’m able to pull it together, I will give you the rundown off my trip and the conference! I don’t have a post for y’all today, but instead I want to direct you on over to Kitchen Stewardship. For the past month or so, […]

Learning the Gentle Art of Infant Toilet Training

Image Credit Guest Post by Louisa I toilet-trained my first child when she was four-months-old. I thought I would start this guest post with a statement that knocks most people’s socks off when they hear it. “Four months old, you are kidding, aren’t you?” No, I kid you not. I had worked extensively in China and seen what mothers did there; always aware of their children’s needs, able to listen to the signs that told them when their child wanted to pee and available to […]